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*Important Update: This is so crazy (so I hope not so unexpected of me) but Kvatch just burst my bubble of belief in the comments section! He has - nearly unbelievably to my way of thinking - not actually received the thinking blogger tag!

Now, note that I'm not saying it's unbelievable that I mistakenly "recalled" seeing that he had, because in my perusal of the blogosphere, there really is no one more deserving of an award which is presented because the recipient's posts incite active thought on many a topic with massive relevance to the everyday lives of we the people of the human zoo.

OK. 'Nuff said. Click on over and pull up a lily pad. There's always something thought-provoking for just about everyone in the frogosphere!

Hmmm... I feel like I've over sold this in recent comments. All I can say is that even receiving this li'l banner was a much bigger deal to me than I can really explain. Thus, I get all paniked out having to pass it on to some folks while leaving out still others ...

I know. Just freakin' Do It already.

"Thinking Blogger", huh? Well, I certainly do a lot of that. Too much at times, which is why this has taken me so long fess up to. Big Time thanks go out to both Dikkii (from April!) and Jolly Roger (from just last month) for separately tagging me with this sehr cool award. Now I have to point out 5 other bloggers who invariably tick my clock when it comes to rockin' my noggin with food for thought. In other words, 5 bloggers whose words I pay mind to.

First though, I'll play nice and post "The Rules"
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).
What I'd intended at the onset of Silly Humans was to develop a style which I could consciously evolve towards something more akin to professional Diplomatic correspondence. I know. I know y'all're thinkin' "you're kiddin', right?!" lol! Stay with me here! While I am proud of the bits of that concept which have filled these pages over the last couple of years, I can see that SH has become what would more accurately be described as a personal weblog than I'd ever intended. Still, I'm overwhelmed at times by how warmly and humanely that evolution has been accepted by quite a few of my compadres in the blog'sphere.

Blah blah blah, eh. {-;

I am: a 41 year old politiphile, smoker, music lover, SF reader, wanna-be (so many things!), tech monkey, ex-husband, quasi-step-father, Recovering Catholic, non-practicing-pot-head of an individual who is every bit as extroverted as I am introverted. I've even considered that, with schizophrenia in my family, the only reason I've not succumbed to such extremity is because, while at times there may be plenty of strange voices in my head, I am always, always certain that each and every one of them is mine.

That being blah-blah-blahed, recent months have seen some changes in my life-style finally taking place. I've begun getting out of my head and into exercising this not-yet-so-old corpus in order to both lower my blood-pressure and, more importantly eh, alleviate the stresses normally pressuring me to be other than my self. I'm worrying less and smiling more and, yes, still even dancing on occasion. :-)

On that note, and before I name the Five bloggers who nearly always make me Think, I'm reminded to get Zen . .

Who Makes Me Think?

Right off the bat, 3 who come to mind have already received this tag at least once that I've seen. Kvatch*, Frederick and Peacechick Mary certainly are bloggers who have provided energy bars for many of our thoughts. A relative newbie on the blogging scene (as far as I can tell, at any rate) has also already awarded by her peers; Lynn of Zelleblog's posts have lead to some of the best back-n-forths in comments sections I've read and/or joined since I did regular tours of the atheist blogosphere. Only hers are filled with socio-political & economic issues to which I have a particular affinity. They've really got me excited again about my still somewhat amorphous back-to-school goal.

The first I'll tag as an "it" is Eddie of Chicken Fat. Ed (ET in the comments) tells tales of he and his wife's family's histories going back to the early 1900s, and even farther, into the mid 19th century! His posts on his neighbors and the events of his daily life in Georgia are told in a spoken-word manner which frequently has me rollin' at my desk with laughter or sometimes anger and sadness at the insanity with which some folks live their lives.

The Aging Hipster is the one I've to thank for finding Chicken Fat. He's not only lucky enough to be married to one of my original blog-buds (m'Lady, Bird), but absolutely smart enough to hang onto her as he progresses through life, like me, learning what parts of youth to hang onto and which parts are best left to distant memory. The Hipster's knowledge of World and American History has often given me new insights on current events, and his personal blogging has occasionally motivated me to get off my bony butt and do something! Much appreciated amigo!

Robin Andrea is well known as one of the groovy Dharma Bums out in the Great Northwest. Whenever I'm feeling lost and frustrated with my life, I know I can head out yonder for a freeing and refreshing glimpse of humanity at its best. Good people. Good stories. Great blog. (And if you need any advice on dealing with Bob-Cats, well, Robin's got some first-hand experience for ya!)

Raffi of CitiZENMINDful frequently supplies me with reminders to simplify. That could be bad advice, until I remember that dude is in residency and the methods he relates are exactly the kinds of things I can do, regardless of circumstances!

I just did a Welcome Back! post on my final awardee. If you have yet to click over to Neil Shakespeare's place, please to be doing yourself a big favor and click away right away! Stories astounding and collages confounding! Neil mixes thrills and action packed introspection with visual blasting caps to ignite both our imaginations and our moral indignation over the state of the State of the Union here in the U.S.o.A. and across the whole of our Spaceship Earth.

I love all o' my bloggy 'migos y 'migas and THAT is why this post was just so damned hard to write-up. I get so ... well, more blah blahing, eh. Click on those 5 and you're sure to find some brain food. Then the next time you stop on by, help yourself to some random linkage from the sidebar.



  1. I'm honored, Michael. And here I thought you were holding back some weird concept and it's not weird at all. In fact, I'm not even surprised that you are tagged for a Thinking Blog. I love you openness and honesty and how you mix your thoughts with your feelings with such cleverness. So, you goofball - Take a bow!

  2. Cool!
    A very well deserved award, if I may say.

    I admit I sometimes find it challenging to follow on the socio-political side, as the whole USA scene is still very new to me (I'm still absorbed in my homeland one), but I do enjoy your blog.

    Btu then again, you know that, Eh?

  3. *!BUMP!*

    Oww! I probably should've stepped back from my desk before takin' that bow. {-;

    Really though, I've wanted to write this post since APRIL! I started it up again yesterday morning and just kept having these little panic attacks which kept me from going forward. It was just like trying to do some school assignment that I found really interesting on the one hand, but not my strong suit on the other. Agonizing! lol!

    Thanks! Again! for the encouragement, Mary.

    I could kinda tell, Nava. :))) I'm really glad too, cuz you've got a really interesting blog and Life. I'm really glad to have "met" you. Eh? {-;

  4. Michael,
    I am honored - also humbled, and also letting out a big "gulp!".
    Thank you, you are kind.

  5. I totally get the "gulp"! lol

    It's my pleasure though, Ed. I feel lucky to have found your blog. It helps me consider the history of my family in getting to the point where my parents started their own. That's really a valuable perspective which I never really had growing up. Not only that, you remind me to do what I gotta do and still Freakin' Enjoy Life. Thank You!

  6. Hey Big chief,

    First of all, didnt realize we were both 41. Cool beans.

    Second, the bird is the better half of the pair, and i dont know how she puts up with my constant grouchiness. Thanks very much for the kind words.

  7. aw...shucks...
    i put up with hipster the same way he puts up with me...:o)

  8. What's good about your blog, Michael, in addition to the topics you cover that speak to me (science and reason, etc) is the fact that you come across as a good egg. Just trying to be a real person and not a jerk. I can't tell you (sadly) how rare that seems to be getting these days.

  9. Steve, Bird, you two make me sick. Don't ever change!!! {-;

    Thanks, Kevin. I mean it too, cuz if there's any artifice to my blogging, it's mostly from my trying to be as really me as I can possibly be. Not just what I want to be, but who I am in the mean-time as well.

    Well, for the most part anyhow. '-}

    Regardless, I never understand jerks who seem to be jerks for the sake of being a jerk. There's simply no freakin' sense to it as far as I can tell... C'est la vie, eh.

  10. About time, MB. Took you long enough.

  11. Better late than never?

    Thanks again, D! I just suck at takin' compliments that really mean that much to me. Whatchyagonnado...


  12. Hey...though I didn't really get tagged, the mention is much appreciated. Thanks Michael.

  13. All in a good days work, eh? ! ; )

    Nice going and always appreciate your stopping by also!

  14. Opps...sorry 'bout that Michael. I wasn't clear with my comment. Indeed, Blognonymous has been tagged with the 'Thinking Blogger' award, quite a few times actually. After the fourth (Nvisiblewmn, I think), I relented and added the badge to Blognonymous.

    I just wanted to thank you for the mention regardless. Sorry for the confusion.

  15. Tell Kvatch to stop confusing me; it isn't nice because it's so easy to do.

    Congrats, MB. Tanks for your comments at IW.

  16. Must. Take. Aspirin...


    NOW I get it! {sigh} And ya wonder why I wonder why I got tagged with this one... :)))

    Always my pleasure, Coffee. You've a cozy little corner of the interweb, eh!

    I dig it, IW. Took me a couple times but now it ALL makes sense. Hmmm... All that can at any rate. In this comments, I mean. Of course.

    Yes. Right. Alrighty then...

    Back to work!

  17. Thanks, you've reminded me of my long neglected blogging obligations...

  18. Aw, shucks. I was off doing some stuff this week as summer seems to be when I get together with people- no more snow, school's out, etc.

    I think what I like best here is your openness- the personal mixed with the political. You'd be fun to have a smoke with. Wait, I haven't smoked in ten years...

  19. I'm a regular string on a finger, eh Frederick? {-;

    It's been 3 months now for me, Lynn.

    Oh. Wait. You meant cigarettes. Well, I'm sure we can figure something out. (Thanks. :))


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