Theftage for the Sincerity of the Thought

starting over . . again

lazy as she goes

two turns on the
big wheel
hang it all

as the river flows
so dies
the dream long passed chance

and, believe it or not, that's a Good Thing.

Not been in much of a bloggin' mood of late. No worries though. Is just cuz I'm sucked into a book's universe. I'll be back after - or more likely during - the sadness of its ending.



  1. Maybe it will be a happy ending just like real life.

  2. It's really an amazing story, Ed. About 1000 years in the future, 700 years after the most Techno-Xenocidal aliens you could imagine have wiped out homosapiens in their home systems, the last surviving colony is on the edge of entering their first, eminently Proscribed (by a "Religious Order" devised to prevent such) industrial age. It's the level of Technology which attracts the xenocides, of course.

    Thing of it is, is, regardless of how big this first book is, or how happy this ending turns out, I can't help but think that the author's gonna build upon it with even more.

    It's just gonna be awhile.

    And, yeah I know; I'm such a nerd. :+}

  3. If they are attracted to our level of technology, they must be extremely backward aliens.

  4. Well, not so much "backward" as unimaginative in any but the most Neoconical (read - paranoidally reactionary) ways.

    They only destroy other space-going species.


  5. And the name of the book is - - - ?

  6. Name?

    Oh yah! {-;

    Off Armageddon Reef, by David Weber. Sehr cool!

  7. bains, nice poem. there are never "long passed chances". opportunities may come and go, but when one door shuts, usually another opens. your time is now and keep moving towards the goal and don't let anything get in the way.

  8. Hey, thx Raffi.

    There's a pretty specific "dream" involved there, eh. As ya say though; I just gotta find another dream to take its place.

    As I've said (many a time) before, I'm workin' on that.


  9. raffi is right, MB. Just always keep your eyes open, cuz there are opportunities everywhere. I know. Sometimes we just all get tired of looking so much, I guess.

    I'm like you. I'm into *reading*! Yay! Actual *printed* books. Without the TV on and away from the computer.

    It's like a real life or something.


    Have fun with your alien book.


  10. Read, then come back.

    And stay away from zombies.

  11. Very cool poem. The book sounds like fun.


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