Teh Master Be BACK!

"Rendezvous" A saved favorite from Neil's originals

After several looong weeks of M.I.A. status, shaking up Left Blogistan with his abrupt disappearance, the Master Collager has returned from the Undead!

That's right, folks, Neil Shakespeare is back and blogging again!!!

So very many of us were quite concerned because dear ol' Neil had not only not posted anything new for quite a few, his URL had been assumed by the masked bandit now known as the Thief of Thailand! All of Neil's old posts were gone, and this new squatter had begun posting using Blogger's newly added कि script.

Now, I had hazarded a guess, on Kvatch's requiem to Sir Neil, that our hero had gone underground and was in fact the ToT himself, merely taking advantage of bloggers new scripting to practice his foreigner-speak (errr, or somethin' like that.) When the Frog, realist and honest amphibian that he is, let me down gently with the facts of the matter, I'd finally caved in to my worst fears: Bu$hCo had found and disappeared our beloved brother.

But It Ain't SO!!!

Welcome back, Blogmigo!


  1. Neil's return is indeed cool. Enigma's too. Now if only Rex Kramer would return to blogging!

    Though...I think that we should all tag Neil with the "8 things" meme. Then, he'll never be able to leave the scene again as he'll have to come up with about 8888 personal items! :-)

    (Hey...and thanks for the mention.)

  2. No doubt 'bout it, Kvatch. I've tagged no one, so perhaps I'm a gonna hafta! {-;

    I'm still trying to figure out exactly where E4E hangs these days though... lol! Really, the cafe seemed empty when I checked.

  3. Here's E4E's address:

    Wasn't it great of Neil to come back just when we were all feeling oppressed?

    You're a grand guy, Michael.

  4. Thanks for informing the world about the grand comeback!!!

  5. shhh it was a secret...i met some terrorists...


  6. Egad that's a scary picture. I'd forgotten about that one. One of my favorites too, tho, when I look at it. Thanks, Michael! PS: Working on a new set of links. Just linking you up now. Best...

  7. I had to get a hanky when I read his email...sniff!

  8. His timing, like his art, is impeccable, Mary!

    You'll love him, Nava!

    Thanks for the link, Michael. 'Tis a sad and frustrating situation out there, eh. Not surprising in the least though... {sigh}

    It IS scary! lol! Got a great big EWWW!!! outta my (former) step-girl too, so ya done good Boss! lol!

    I hear ya, Sumo! The strangest part of it was that the comment-email went to my SPAM inbox! WTF??? Is truly a good thing that I look in there before "permanently deleting". {shakin'head} I've never had an email from a comment on SH go to that before, so Neil, I'm STILL not convinced that someone's not out to do you in -- blogaphorically at any rate.

    None-the-less, I got a Great Big Smile upon finding and reading that you are back with us.



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