Jane Says . .

. . y'all should go take this quiz.

What Daria Character are You?

You are Jane.Artsy and funny, doesn't take anyones BS
Take this quiz!

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And check out Zaius Nation if you've ever wondered about the possibilities for Daria Porn. (Or simply understand that simians have it all over you silly humans.)



  1. You are Jane.
    Artsy and funny, doesn't take anyones BS
    1694 other people got this result!
    This quiz has been taken 38032 times.
    20% of people had this result.

    I think I did the same as you Michael! Poor thing!

  2. heheheh... ;-) Doesn't surprise me at all, paisan. Is good company to be in!

  3. Hey! Thanks for the link! I've seen you over at AG's place. What a great blog you have! And I love the title. You are so blogrolled!

  4. My pleasure & Thanks Doc!

    I dragged a shortcut to you last night, and puttin' ya on the sidebar in just a few. Welcome anytime!

  5. I thought for sure I would be Jane too, but I guess its Daria. I'm not nearly as grim...but do enjoy making sarcastic comments about stupid people. LOL

  6. That's funny cuz I kinda figured I'd be Daria cuz, really, I'm pretty boring and read a lot. Would've loved to been Trent, but I just can't sleep that much!

  7. Jane here, too. A 'Duh!' moment, I guess.

  8. Sure 'nuff, but it's a Good Duh, Nava. :)

    Hmmm... Picture a cartooned Janeane Garofalo in the same High School as Beavis & Butthead (though you don't ever have to worry about them actually making an appearance.)

    Dr. Z's post has linkage to the real Daria's websitage, or just Google Sick, Sad World and Enjoy!

  9. Neil Shakespeare said...

    Who is Daria?

    I am Daria! (so says the quiz)

    Daria was a Beavis and Butthead spinoff that never looked back.

  10. Oh, and Daria moved to a different town than B&B, which is why they never appeared.

  11. Ahhhh... I may or may not have ever known that bit about the moving. I enjoy the psychoto-boys on their own (I mean, c'mon! they were insane 'toons!,) but never once were they missed from an episode of Daria.

  12. Ha! I love Daria.

    Is it on Noggin still? I haven't seen it in a long time.

  13. if this works it means i finally figured out how to leave a comment.


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