Pig In Pain

Here ya go, Nava. les piggies

Never tried to draw my feet before, so one sock on and one sock off felt fair to me. Next time I should probably use pencil though, eh.

That's done in my reading recliner by the window so I can smoke without totally polluting my own apartment. The "Lil' (should be Li'l!) Fat Book is just the back of a mini notepad with lined pages. It was lying there so what they hay.

Oh, the pain is the middle one feeling like someone's hammered a nail through the base of it. I don't remember doing anything specific when it happened during the dodgy turny on Saturday. Sat night I was sore all over, but Sunday morning, what feels like a tiny crack in a tiny bone made itself known on my way to the turlet. It only hurts when I walk though. So no biggy, huh.


  1. Astounding! :-)

    Hey, seriously, you're pretty good with the anatomy and the overall shape - you didn't just go for a cartoonish representation, which is what most people would do. So - next is collage?

    I was worried about your amputated stump there (especially with the juxtaposition of the sentence "Perforated For Easy Removal"...). Glad to hear it's a sock. Hope the pain goes away from dat little piggy.

  2. heheh.. Yeppers. Sock. Not stump. :) I thought 'bout using that Perforated bit in the title but the one I did use kinda wouldn't let me.

    And thanks! I've loved doing faces & hands since high school, but haven't even doodled much since I started using a 'puter. Think I'll get me some sketch paper .. and NOT give it to someone else for a change.

    Errr, and pencils. As you can plainly see, clothing is nowhere near my strong suit, and pen is just asking for failure.

  3. Mike - that's a really good drawing. Well observed. Reminds me of David Hockney's drawings.

  4. Actually, sketching/drawing with a pen is good, as it prevents you from erasing. you can always restate lines - it gives the drawing a unique quality and movement. And, I have eight words for you:
    "Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain". A really, Really, REALLY good - and fun - book if you wanna get back into this.

  5. never been able to draw.



    only kidding. v good

  6. You CAN draw? Wow, I'm impressed. Toes are cute.

  7. Heheh! Thanks! Y'all are very good for the health & stability of my twisted wee (and not so wee) ego.

    I think I've seen that book before, Nava. Does it talk about using your non-dominant hand in order to encourage more attention to what you're drawing? That's a great technique. It's like playing electric songs on an acoustic guitar because it's harder to hit the same notes and makes you think 'bout stuff you'd just been doing by rote.

    And I'm in total agreement that, Toes Are Cute!


  8. That book has been a must for many, around a while.

    I draw to relax and find that it is most enjoyable when I dont care about the end result.

    So what the heck is wrong with your foot?

    I used to have such cute toes, with a little toe ring, and then somewhere around thirty they turned into Shrek feet.

  9. I'm not really knowin', Lynn. There's a "nice", circular black spot right where the "nail went through". Metaphorically speaking. All I'm sure of is that it happened while playing in the Dodgeball tournament on Sat. Don't know how/when. Just that it hurts to walk, and since I've had a couple toes broken several times as a kid (horses & bare feet don't mix, eh) I know that all one can do is stay off their feet. Luckily I've today's holiday (depressing after Scooter's "liberation") and I took 2 vacation days following for a good 5 days off.

    Hopefully that'll do the trick.

    This shit hurts! lol!

    By the way, your "don't care about the result" advice is sehr so! As Peacechick frequently reminds, it's the Journey not the
    Destination that's most important.


  10. I didn't know you draw, Michael. And me with a BFA and doing not a damn thing with it, though I'm trying to find a studio class somewhere and brush up the drawing skills. Good picture.

  11. That's really a good drawing of the foot, and I like the fact that you drew on available things, I think it adds personality to the art. The socked (non-stump, and glad it isn't!) part is a little freaky. I think I've seen too many zombie movies lately. ;-)

  12. Occasional politi-posts on here are pretty much the most I use of my PolSci degree, Kevin. One of these days, though... One of these days...


    The more everyone mentions it, the more it DOES look like a gangrened stump to me as well! lol! Thanks gawd I really do have two good ones, eh!

  13. I love that. You should post more or at least put them on your flickr.

  14. Flickr! I almost forgot I had that service.

    Thanks Tonya! (Still gotta get that drawing paper, too...)


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