Somebody's Gotta Do It

We were just talking 'bout how much we take for granted in today's world. How much we complain about vis-a-vie "progress".

We owe these kind of folks a Lot, even if they are Lucky as all get out to have such a thrilling gig to call their job.

Our Technology still needs our biology.

Hat be tipped to my buddy Joe.


  1. bugger me sideways! I can't make up my mind if he has the best job in the world or the worst.

  2. Ha! Exactly what I was thinkin', Stew. Crazy stuff!

  3. that was awesome!!! "the only thing i was afraid of was electricity, heights, and women, and i'm married, too." awesome!!!

  4. That comment wasn't awesome, Raffi!!!

    However, the video was cute and I don't want that job.

  5. Sorry my dangerously Adorable friend, but that was really was a pretty awesome quote.

    I speak from experience on all three levels!


  6. thanks for the backing bains :)

  7. Heheh.. :} You got it, bro.

    Thing is, it's true either way, for women and men (though I'm betting guys who try to understand the women in our lives feel it more acutely than other guys and most women!)


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