It's Kinda Like "Don't Ask - Don't Tell"

Abstinence Only education and support plans are akin to the Military's "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" policy. Neither addresses the issue intelligently, and both assure the proscribed behavior will carry on in the shadows.

The major difference between the two is that, in the military, we're dealing with adults who are of Age to enjoy their sexuality legally - except as far as their employer is concerned. ( {shakin'head}, but we'll leave that for now.)

Children, on the other hand, are dependent upon adults for clear and unambiguous information about the Nature of our biological selves. Adults have the responsibility to ensure children's knowledge is complete because, like it or not, they are going to make their own decisions based upon not only what they learn through official channels, but what they learn amongst their peers and, most importantly, what They Feel and Decide on Their Own.

That's why, when I got the email from NARAL ProChoice Ohio saying that Governor Strickland's budget had been modified by both houses of Ohio's legislature to include Abstinence Only programs, I decided to use NARAL P-O's form to let the Gov'nor know I fully support his removal of that funding via Ohio's Line Item Veto.

Here's my note, and I hope he got lots more like it.

Howdy Gov'nor

I'd just like to lend my support to your use of the Line Item Veto of our state's Legislature's irrational and immoral insertion of "Abstinence Only" funding to Ohio's Budget.

More honesty and openness with our children is Far More supportive and effective at reducing unwanted behaviors than are the embarrassed lies and half-truths which A-O represents.

Thanks & Good luck to you, sir.


  1. All the data shows that not only is their program not working, it is dangerous to the health of the young. Why can't our legislative bodies do a little study first before voting for these things?

    Good for your Gov if he stops it.

  2. No doubt, Mary. There only reason I worry he may leave the baffoonery in their is to curry support on issues.

    I'm all for Compromise; just not where it results in health threats to human beings. Abstinence is totaly great as an individual choice and should always be an option. As you say, the Abs-Only programs are complete failures and so dangerous because of their purposefully ignorant presentation.

  3. abstinence programs are never going to work. its an absurd concept

    i went to a catholic school and i rememeber a group of people trying to give us that message and being laughed out the building.

  4. I was forced through Cath schools as well. There was an incident quite related to this topic which made me finally started questioning my Catholicism.

    Father W found out that two guys in my 8th grade class had brought a -gasp!- condom to school. The guy had been one of the few people I respected, just because he usually had a wonderfully calm and supportive demeanour. On this occasion though, out came his inner Baptist Firebrand. He went off on the whole class for the irresponsibility of bringing such "disgusting things" into our school.

    I don't remember the details of his spit-flinging tirade, just that I was shaking my head as he spoke, wondering how anyone so smart could believe the absolutely insane jibberish he was spouting about "the evils of playing god" with our bodies.

    Within 1 year, by 15 yo, I was no longer christian and well on my way to realizing the purely allegorical nature of the god concept.

  5. I can't see where they have done anything of meaning

  6. Me neither, Holly. Not outside the realms of Class, Culture and Civil Warfare.

  7. What a great note!! Good for you, and for all of us and our children. Although I'm quite nervous about standing on the precipice of adolescence at our house, honesty really is the best policy.



  8. Is there anything these moralists won't do?

  9. It's another ridiculous example of the binary thought process of conservatives. If we show little Johnny a condom, we're giving him a green light to have sex with Mary Sue. If we teach him abstinence, he'll keep his hands above Mary Sue's equator. They don't get that you can counsel children on avoiding sex at an early age while still teaching them how you can prevent being pregnant.

    The whole problem is that we're basing our sexual mores on the Bible, when people got married at 14.

  10. Thanks, MM. Is sad but true that you've got it easier since your elder kiddo is a boy. Still, I'm thinking you'll be fine on both counts.

    Hang in there! :)

    I'm doubting that, Larry. I think how Brando put it, "the binary thought process of conservatives", pretty much sums up the primary reason why. Either/Or thinkin' leaves little room for aught but Fear or Faith.

    Apropos of nothing (but inspired by thoughts of teenaged marriages) I got married (kinda) the first time (unofficially) when I was 16 to my 15 yo love. The ceremony was performed by my cousin, Hed, the Pope of the Church of Hed.

    Good times... {-'

  11. Adorable GirlfriendJune 22, 2007 4:51 PM

    America is in real trouble. Serious trouble. Especially for AG, a Jew, the society we are carving out is getting more and more scary. The fact that we won't teach children or ourselves about birth control options is deeply troublesome. Let's all write more letters and stop these insane people!!

  12. Hey!

    Nope, no rabies from pinkzilla.


    The idea that abstinence is just going to occur..never works. Mostly as it never does. The best you can do is inform kids as much as humanly possible. Acting as though it isn't any of your business and hopefully they'll just abstain (to make your jobs a lot easier) is ignorant.

    The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in the military has a lot of downfalls as well. Mostly because we still live in a society where a disgusting amount of people can't deal with the fact that sexuality is not a choice and everyone should be allowed to openly live their lives as long as it doesn't hurt anyone...which it doesn't!

    Children need a level of consequence. If they're taught that every choice they make has an affect on lives (theirs and others) they grow up to understand more. It works in more than one setting. Besides sex is a huge part of life, why pretend it isn't?

  13. It sure feels like to me too, AG. And it's interesting to hear you say that; like Jewish folk are kinda like a canary in a coal mine for Fascism. Nice thing is, by that standard I feel as if we're still doing fairly well.

    Sure do hope I'm right, anyhow...

    Whew! Glad to hear it, 'Nilla. I was hoping you were just following along what you'd posted about as to not feeling like writing much lately.

    Seems to me it all comes down to fear. Fear of losing control; fear of being wrong when taking chances with their charges; fear of looking foolish or just plain fear of their own human feelings. Like a I mentioned above, I really think, for a lot of folks, the only thing they'll trust against that fear is Faith, no matter how absurd theirs is.

  14. Abstinence only is a right wing evangelical joke. Believe me I know. I have to teach it in my health class. Just a few years ago, the local high priest of high church fascism wrote in to the local paper talking about how we were teaching little kids how to wear rubbers. For once, i actually was pissed off enough to write to the paper and point out to the old coot that it was literally against state law to teach anything but abstinence in the classroom.

    I am also happy to report that the gentleman "retired" from ever writing another letter.

  15. Jesusistan hates science.

    They don't want to hear anything about biology, so of course we can't acknowledge the truth of biology. This is all the more aggravating when you realize that one of the biggest proponents of this trash is Chimpy. We know everything we need to know about how well HE did with this stupid shit by taking a quick look at his 2 daughters.


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