Mantra ala C-Town: Next Year...

So, yeah. San Antonio kicked the crap outta my Cavaliers and won their Fourth NBA Title in the last nine years.

But it's cool. Dissapointing that the Cavs couldn't even pull out one win in the whole damned series - all four lousy game of it...

But it's cool.

We'll get 'em next year.


Big Time Congrats to the River Walkers from San Anton. Cleveland definitely shot for shit in this series, but the Spurs were responsible for at least half of that. The other half I think we can pin on Cleveland's team being not quite what King Daddy-O James (congrats, at any rate, to teh rich kid on his 2nd Son being born yesterday morning) needs around him to Rise Up to the Top. He's only completed his fourth year in the Association and is just 22 years old. Twenty Two! Along with everyone else who admires human athleticism, I'm thinkin' we're nowhere close to witnessing the apex of this phenomenal cat's career.

These Cavs were good. Make no mistake in thinking they just stumbled into this position. Their Defense was incredible against everyone they faced in these playoffs. Only in Game 5 'gainst the Nets (at the Gund even!) and Game 2 in San Anton did my dawgs get their asses whooped. They had a chance to win every other game in which they ended up on the losing end throughout the playoffs. You just can't beat really good teams by making less than 40% of your shots from the field, and Cleveland shot right around 37% in the Finals.

Next Year they'll do better.

Next Year they'll be more poised.

Next Year they'll have more experience.

Next Year, gawd willin' and the creek don't rise, they'll STILL have Teh King AND he'll have learned how to take over games when his teammates just ain't steppin' it up enough, just as he did in Game 5 'gainst Detroit.

Next Year, well, next year...

Just, Next Year.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer my Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers! You took your town to the rim of the valley of the Promised Land. We know what the NBA's version looks like now. More importantly, I think y'all have what it takes to turn the memory of getting swept by a Champion Caliber Team into the qualities it takes to be One.

Also in the meantime, Go Tribe!!!



  1. Certainly it was fun while it lasted. Every town needs a boost once in a while, and this was ours. Now if we could only get decent public transportation, a regional economic development plan in place, and jobs for people where they live in the city and not 45 minutes away in the burbs, we'd be cookin.

  2. I don't do sports; maybe I should. But just stopped by to say, helooo, so Helooo!

  3. the mantra is in: cav's will win next year

  4. Adorable GirlfriendJune 15, 2007 8:01 PM

    Good luck to 'em next year!

    Go Yankees!!!

  5. Sorry they disappointed you! Maybe next year?

  6. Hope you win next time, even if I am in Spur Country. (I have yet to develop any allegience to local teams here)

  7. I'm in spur country too...gotta admit I'm a Spurs fan.

  8. Wow, Mando! You're spot on, of course. I love cities, and I was so freakin' glad they moved the Cavs back downtown but Cleveland's only done the minimum needed to have a really good transportation setup.

    All these idiots keep thinking such a thing would cost Auto industry jobs when shoddy quality and the lack of Single Payer Health Care has done worse than good public transport conceivably could!

    lol! Hellooo to u 2 Mary! Sorry so late in sayin' it. I've had a distracting weekend since Friday. I'll probably post a little on it later. Was just too tired today since I didn't get home 'til 6am. Was well worth it though. :)

    Bunch o' sports puds are pickin' the Heat from the East, and to win it all again next year, Raffi. Is possible, but I really think the Cavs' organization AND team has learned enough to get them to the final step Next Year. Yeah!!!

    Now let's see if they do it.

    Ummm... Thanks AG. But, you know, umm, it's Really Difficult for me to NOT DELETE any pro Skankee propaganda.

    Just sayin'...


    Thanks Sumo, and I'm bettin' on it! I've learned not to take this stuff as hard OR seriously as I did when I was a kid. That don't mean I ain't gonna get all fired up about it when my dawgs are in the running!

    How could I NOT tip my stetson to them Spurs, mi Texan amigas? Cleveland shot themselves in the foot repeatedly, but I can't say San Anton didn't help 'em point their guns that way.

    It really was a great Defensive series. Ie, boring as hell. lol

    NEXT YEAR!!!


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