... in the spirit of Love

Because their pain is ours
their fear is ours
their faults are ours
their rights are ours
their murders are ours
their planet is ours

Ours is so theirs

To be understood
not denied

To be shared
not hoarded

To be examined
not ignored

To be polished to a shine
not camouflaged
in colors of flags
in colors of cultural pride
in colors of life everlasting

Masking the death we deal out
because we fear our own losses

though they be
for all of us

Together shredding one anothers' lives to the bone
for the merest
saddest of all lies

That somehow
they are not as human
as are we

Video found via an email from the USC Center for Public Diplomacy.


  1. i touched on this today... we live in such a violent world. i still remember rodney king crying, "can't we all just get along?" it's sad it seems we'll never get along.

  2. Adorable GirlfriendJune 13, 2007 5:32 PM

    Diplomacy? There is something that we could all learn, especially Bush Co.

  3. Hola all. Thanks and yer welcome. :)

    Happy Thursday!


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