So, How's that Online-dating thing goin'?

I wait too passively. It's a fairly simple concept to occupy one's self with other stuff while waiting for what you can't do any more to effect.

I'm finally getting better at that.

Sun rising hotly
Sweat beads on shoulders and brow
Time wasting away


  1. I'm getting at that too - I think.

  2. Heheh.. Sure looks like it from my vantage, Ed. You've always got something goin' on on Chicken Fat at any rate.

    Slowly but surely, Lynn. Think I've had lots-a-luck at times. I just seem to have been clueless 'bout it 'til twas too late.

    Workin' on that too, don't ya know. {-;

  3. Wow, cool picture. That guy needs more RAM or something, though.

  4. Dig it. Looks a totally burnt motherboard, eh.

  5. The St. Petersburg Times did a whole article about online dating. They set up one of their reporters on a site and he tells about the same story you are.

  6. Adorable GirlfriendJune 18, 2007 8:01 PM

    Online dating is difficult stuff. Be patient. Remember...good things come to those who wait!

  7. Guess I'm puttin' m'self out there a little more "as is" this time 'round, Mary. I met quite a few dates online in the past, but when I left my first marriage, I was just out to play; and STILL ended up fallin' in love. Unfortunately, for the wrong reasons.

    This time I'm in no hurry. I really just always thought that pic is hilarious and it fit my current circumstances so... :)

    Thanks, AG. I been gettin' "antsy" lately, but really, I am feeling more "alright" on my own than I have in years. I owe my friend, the woman I call my sensei for helpin' me nail down those little nigglin' details to do with patience and reminding me to be good to m'self in all the right ways.

    And All Y'all as well to be totally honest. I'm still bloggin' cuz it's still so much fun seein' how my fave folks online are doing, and to feel all the supportive words y'all share. I've not had much luck with the people in my life cuz, like me, they always seem to have Huger than average demons draggin' them down; and me with 'em.

    It's been wonderful to "meet" people who consistently manage and overcome those kind of things. I've always thought I could, and now I'm seeing myself do it.

    That really is infreakin'credible to me.


    We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging. ;}

  8. Computers make fine dates although they occasionally drink too much and talk through the important parts of the movie.

  9. i willl never internet date. i'll just wait for some amazing female catch to come across my blog, leave a comment, i will reply, we will meet personally, she'll instantly fall in love, we'll get married, and we'll live happily ever after... or get divorced.

  10. just don't wind up like that guy did...looks like a reject from Disneyland.

  11. D'oh! Excellent points, Bossy! I guess the nicest bit is that you can always reboot 'em when they get outta hand like that.


    lol! No wonder I like you, Raffi. We share at least one similar Delusion! ('cept that I think I'm done gettin' married per se.) Good luck w/ that, bro!

    'Cept for the pose, don't we all end up like that, Ms Sumo?

    But no worries, eh. I intend to keep m' skin 'n' bones animated for at least a few more decades. :)

  12. Hey! I think I went out with that guy!

    I learned my lesson. Online dating was the most counterintuitive thing I'd ever done, and it was by and large a disaster, except for one or two really good friends I got out of the deal.

  13. Adorable GirlfriendJune 19, 2007 11:40 PM

    I am a fan of online dating. I really am. What's the alternatives? Meeting someone at church at the bible meetings on Tuesday or dating someone at work and then having to quit when it goes super sour.

    Be honest in your profile. Recognize what your deal breakers are and put them out there.

    AG has been lucky in love most of her life. The biggest thing I found that works is honesty. I never minded dates that I knew would end and I wouldn't see the person again. It helped me to know for the next one to tell them upfront additional things that I did not want in my next partner.

    It worked for me!


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