Attack of teh Taggers!

Yikes, Yoink & Yowza!!!

Not only did Chip tag me on this one a few weeks back, yesterday the Adorable One said I'm it. Now, this morning I find m'self tri-fectagged by Stardust for 8 random facts au moi.

1( I'm supposed to post the rules, but I get anal about stuff like that and frequently (here's the fact) like to go against my anal inclinations. (Make what ya want of that sentence.)

2( Night sweats. (Thx for which I really need ta get some new sheets...)

3_ The paranoids may not be after me, but they sure do like telling me their freakin' problems. I'm getting better at discriminating
when to be and not to be such a good listener though, so this one seems to be easing up.

4( I sometimes think I'm way too weird, but often wish I was weirder. Guess I just gotta get my weird on in the right ways.

5} I'm not superstitious but I'm way too superstitious.

6| Bacitracin is better than lip balm because it's not addictive.

7/ I almost always root for my "enemies" to do well so that
a/ they'll have less motivation to outdo me and b/ when I waste 'em it'll be even more impressive. Hmmm... Or something like that.

8[ I'm closer than ever to accepting my toes the way they are. This one is not just idle filler. My toes are fine. They just
curl and I have little control over them. That's simple genetics, as far as I've been able to determine, but I've always wish I had more prehensile toes, like my First girlfriend and first wife both had. You know, like almost fingers, where I could pick stuff up and write with 'em and stuff.

---- I just may come back and tag 8 someone elses later on. Just to, you know, be unanal.

Or something.



  1. michael, sorry about tagging you again . . . what a pest I am!

    Loved your answers though...very silly, weird...but fun. :-)

    (For what it's not worth, I can pick things up with my toes and write with them.)

  2. Thanks & No Worries, Stardust! Ya lucky-toed Lady, you. {-;

  3. Oh, hey! Love the new avatar. The pulsing blue is sehr cool!

  4. Your wierdness is too cute to mess with. Keep it.

  5. Interesting approach about your enemies. Hmm... never thought of it this way, but it makes a lot of sense. Also interesting bit about your toes. Should have been a picture-based post, though, to get the full impact ;-)

  6. My toes are very dexterous. As a matter of fact, I included that in my own random 8. Toes must be in the air.

    That didn't sound right...

  7. Thanks Mary. After all these years of unsuccessfully trying to change it, I suppose I've little choice but to embrace the weirdness. For the most part anyway... {-'

    Toe pics, eh Nava? Perhaps an attempt at a sketch of said phalanges will be made and posted soonish.

    Sounded, hmmm... interesting to me, Jennifer. (Lucky... :) )

  8. Hmm - going for your own ArtPact there?
    Holding my breath, awaiting your sketch.

  9. Baines-
    Hipster's toes curl, too. I think it's a sign of high intelligence....or at least he does..hahahaha

  10. Well, there ya have it!

    Thanks, Bird! {-;

  11. I love it! Sorry for the delay in response: I'm on vacation.

    Lip balm isn't addictive. It's the physical response you like. That's not addiction, per se.

  12. Hmmm... Yes. I do physical responses.



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