The Funnier It Is . .

. . the funnier it ain't.
I was going to post this next one a couple days ago, but ... not sure why I've not been posting.

Still, now that I appear to be back an' active in the blog'sphere, I've got to put it out there, as it' snarks on what has been one of the biggest Jokes to be perped on the world since the first head-case-lying-sack-o'-crap first sold the worthless idea to a gullible group of lawmakers and their wantonly ignorant electorate.

The pic captures the profoundly disengenous nature of the idea of Carbon Trading.

The Earth is a closed system; gargantuan to be sure, but still is the air we all breathe, the air We ALL breathe.

The first 'toon just goes to show how unbelievable are any cries for "Reform!" issuing from the throats of Pols who, in their need to gain re-election, are beholden to their Wealthiest "constituents", first And foremost.

McCain-Feingold was akin to pissin' on a forest fire when it comes to the level of reform which is truly and empirically required to clean up our Democracy so that Politicians can do their Constitutionally Proscribed duty and make only those laws necessary to ensure our Life and Liberty and the opportunity for those great Rights to be available for our Posterity.

Come. On. CAVS!

( {-; )


  1. I think you meant to say "Constitutionally Prescribed", but a great post nonetheless.

  2. Hmmm... You're probably right that I should have used "prescribe", but I definitely meant proscribe.

    My intention is to show that the Constitution is, outside of some governmental procedural prescriptions, more-so concerned with painting a picture of things which Aren't Conducive to Civilization. Such duplicity and disingenuousness as embodied by the 'toons most specifically amongst them.

    I think the framers assumed we've the intelligence to do the right things as long as some obviously wrong things are proscribed as such.

    So, while my particular grammatical usage may be a bit of a stretch, I'll always be more concerned with accuracy than precision, so ain't gonna change it. :)

    Thanks for drawin' me out though!

  3. This congress has nothing to do with "we the people" and they don't even follow the constitution, let alone protect it or us. It's all about corporations for sure. Good post - you are speaking the truth.

  4. Thanks amiga.

    Gads it's probably good I'm so tired right now, though. Reading your comment got my mind ticking on about what it might take to wake up future congress-critters. That Unequivocally includes something Much Better for our Education System than N.C.L.B..

    I'll leave it at that though, for now, eh. :)

  5. Great McCain letter link on my blog. That McCain!!


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