. . but not Some Things...

(Hyper remix)

Everything changes
Everything falls apart


How stupid could I be
A simpleton could see
That you're no good for me
But you're the only one I see


After so long
You either fade away

or give in to the thing
which has always been
will always be

If one can't grow up
that one must still surely grow
Life is here, waiting


  1. i've always loved sarah m and the remixes... great song. btw, thanks for the link to the 4shared.com site... that's new to me.

  2. Not sure I'm all for the sentiment in the tune (you know me, Little Mary Mando Sunshine) but that poem is quite memorable. Damn fine in fact. Love the rhythm. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. She's outstanding, eh Raffi? The remixes are great for their length as well as the mood they set too. Good stuff indeed!

    Hey now, MM. Well, maybe imbecile is a little strong, but sometimes it really is obvious.

    And there's naught but the passage of time to be done about it anyway.

    I'm glad ya liked my bit, too. :) I'm working on its theme; Big Time.

  4. lol! "Simpleton", not imbecile.

    Guess I FEEL it even MORE harshly...


  5. WHOA! Fascinating.

    I cannot find the game. Not that I should be watching the game, but, part of me wanted to be swept into the mass hysteria over Game 2. Wasn't it tonight or am I that clueless? Probably the latter.


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