1. i never really got into the zen thing. I prefer just sitting atop a mountain. fortunatly, in scotland, mountains are one thing we are not short of so thats my hobby!

  2. I went through a fairly steep New Age dive at one point and got comfortable with eastern analogies and metaphors, so the Zen stuff manages to get through to me at times. Especially the reminders to freakin' quit trying to do everything at the same time, even while taking it all in.

    This one's got some relevance to me not letting go of someone, so...

    I must say though, I could really use a Scottish mountaintop right now. Or Nevadan, even, but I think an Erie-side cliff will have to do.

  3. Adorable GirlfriendJune 28, 2007 9:29 AM

    You've been tagged over at RoD!

  4. I, too love to return whenever I remember to do it - return to my place in nature. I think I would return to a tree with moisture flowing through my trunk and birds in my hair.

  5. That's a coincidence - this is Bossy's Daily Zen:

    Don't tell me how difficult the way,
    The bird's poop droppeth far,
    Is right before you
    (not there, THERE, you idiot)
    Water of the George Takei
    You return to the Ocean
    Or maybe a Gay Bar in L.A.

  6. Tagged? I'm it? Oh crap
    AG wants eight facts from me
    one's left on her post


    Mary is nature
    sun shines from inside of her
    flow'ring all year long


    Bossy's poetry
    sublime and, umm, sardonic
    head scratching laughter



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