Friday, 3rd Person, Once Removed Cat Blogging

But Pookie just understands that she's back with her Veterinarian daddy-O, outside of Bolder, CO.My friend couldn't take her to Detroit when she moved cuz it came about so quickly and she doesn't even have a real place yet. Looks to me like Pookie's found her heaven any how.

There now. That's my bit for Friday Cat Bloggin'!

Thanks to mi amiga Snowflake for forwarding those pics from her brother in his new digs in Colorado.


  1. Proxy cat blogging- no fair, Bains!

    Actually I was walking in the woods today (don't ask) and came upon a huge orange cat that looked like Garfield. (to me)

    Anyway I took a picture of it and maybe I will do my first catblogging post. Someday, when I upload the pics. Which I never remember to do.

    When I got home I think my cat smelled Garfield. She had this look of accusation...

  2. Heheh! :-p

    Join the fun, eh Lynn. And I'd love to see the look on your kittie's face side by side with the Orange.

  3. See I dont let my cat outside because I am really into birds and cant stand when they go after them. Also I worry about her getting hit by a lunatic driver.

    This orange cat is huge though. I wish I could keep him because he should have a collar on and he doesnt.

  4. I don't blame ya a'tall. I used to worry lots 'bout my Caesar, who was a wanderer, but he always made it home, sometimes with a "catch of the day". {sigh}

  5. So Pookie has gotten herself a nice live-in doctor. Looks like a cat-in-charge. It's the fluffy tail. They contain special powers.

  6. Sweet.
    Love the comics, though I can hardly imagine a cat that will understand or care more than a dog... ;-)

  7. Pookie looks really satisfied there. But it's Colorado. Who wouldn't be! I'd have gone with her myself.

  8. Right, I dont want any more catches of the day!

    My cat is allowed to chomp her nasty catnip "puppy".

  9. Fred the Cat says he would love to meet that sweet looking little lady.

  10. Oh noes. Not another kat blogger!!!

  11. Hey y'all,

    Pookie's people want me to let you know that they love all teh comments, but that, as is often the way with cats, she's too happy in her new digs to really care what anyone thinks; even them as they keep treating her like the wee Queen that she be. {-;

    As for me, I think the heat and exhaustion from an 8 hour day of Sunday softball has de-blogged me for a few. In the immortal words of the governator: I'll be back.



  12. It can be good to get de-blogged.

  13. Dig it, Lynn. I almost never go more than 2 or 3 days w/o posting, so am givin' m'self a wee respite here.

    No worries.

  14. Good to see you're still online, even if only in the commentsphere.


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