"...some people . . don't have maps..."

Well. There ya have it.

I guess the point is that, assuming that she's at least 18, of course, I'd do her.


I'd say "poor kid", but she'll probably be rich in no time.


Hmmm... I just thought of something else. Maybe I'm being optimistic (call little miss sunshine, eh) but, maybe this child will see herself being a complete and total freakin' stereotypical idiot, and decide to maybe take her self a little more seriously. I'd say her odds are 30-70 in favor.



  1. I think she's wonderful. A perfect candidate for the Attorney General's position. Imagine her in congressional hearings.

  2. She is achingly pretty. But just the fact that she's at the national pageant sort of puts the lie to the notion that it's anything more than a "beauty pageant," despite the talent competition. I wonder what her talent is, by the way?

    And Michael: It's the Miss Teen USA contest, so be careful.

  3. Letterman played this clip last tonight...twice.

    He reported her as being 17. Certainly burst my bubble

  4. Ugh, Michael, I am not even going to touch the male thing about this poor and pbviously brainless child. When a 17 year old cannot answer a question such as that and in trying to makes a complete ass out of herself, I have to shake my head and scream!

    By the way, you might not remember me, but I use to come to your blog a couple years ago ... as just call me T... I'm back....smiles...glad to see you still around.

  5. lol! Too true, kvatch! i mean, she actually answered the ? much as i'm sure $hrub would have himself!

    she is that, Larry. still, even if i didn't need a smarter/more knowledgeable woman, i'd not to be pickin' up (on) teh kidies. Even if i was, there's no need to be careful when ya got a mug like mine!

    Ahhh... Better luck next year, DB! {-;

  6. T! Welcome back, eh! How've you been? Things have been crazily up & down round here, but this silly ol' blog is still goin' "strong". lol!

    Glad you said hi. And, that's an interesting blogonym; ioh,ooh. I'll definitlye have to be checking your profile for some insights, eh.

    See ya.

  7. Is this proof that hair bleach does decrease IQ points? But I must admit: I'm with Kvatch on this. In the AG race, she should be a contendah.
    I'm awaiting the day after Gonzo's resignation date is in effect for him to show up at work and the stunned folks in the Justice Dept will ask: Mr Attorney General, you don't work here anymore. You resigned, remember?" And the AG will say: I do not recall that.

    And after reading your previous post on Jocelyn "self love is A-okay" Elders, I realized that you are a fellow N.E. Ohioan.

  8. the (F)AG will say: I do not recall that.

    Exxxcellent! lol Sadly, 'twould not be at all surprising, eh.

    I hope you don't mind the addition of the (F), for Former, of course. {-;

    And, yeppers. I've lived in teh NEO for all of my life except for 9 months in the moistest, warmest, most internally-environmentally regulated environs one could imagine: Ft Lauderdale.

    Unless I do to get my act together and realize my Dream of becoming a World Traveler via the auspices of the State Department (I do believe. I Do believe! I Do Believe!), I'd gladly live out my life here abouts. 4 seasons, International flavors, Pro Sports & Libs & Cons in abundance... We've really got it all 'round here, eh.

    Stop by any time, Tina!

  9. an example of someone shining without being a shining example

  10. My jaw dropped when I saw that clip yesterday, but sadly, the poor girl answered about the way I'd expect a beauty contest contestant to answer. I feel really sorry for her now, as she's become the laughing stock of the blogosphere. She's everywhere, looking ravishing and completely brainless. Gotta give her credit, though: She gave it a good guess.
    It was the question that got to me: Why might it be that (according to a poll) 1/5 of Americans can't find America on a world map?
    Any opinions out there? Because you know what? If a fifth of us can't find our own country on a map, it may be that America is in more trouble than we thought.

  11. I think it's a bit of a stretch for them to be asking a 17 year old kid, on stage, probably a little nervous in front of the cameras, to explain the educational deficits of American Schools. I can't give you a good answer off the top of my head. "They're a bunch of morons!" That wouldn't go over well with the judges.

    No doubt she's not the brightest penny in the drawer, but I'm sure she's not as stupid as her stupidest moment would indicate. Hopefully none of us are. Most of the rest of us are just lucky enough not to have ours broadcast to a national audience.

  12. Ach, an' it's so, Michael. (Nicely put, dude!)

    That's the thing, Wren. She answered precisely as may a body concerned far more with the beauty of its presentation than with the functionality of the brain animating it. People LOVE saying that it's our frailties and failures which make us human. While that's certainly a part of all of our experience, it's our ability to Overcome those; to rise above them; to be more than our past and environs would suggest; those are what make being human such a cool and worthwhile thing. Silly kid is all too unremarkable in her humanness in those respects.

    And, I dig yer point, DD. Especially as to its being quite unlikely that she's really as stupid as her stupidest moment would indicate. I'm glad you make it, cuz, even though it really is a fine example of how whacked those contests require their contestants to be, it really is, still, just a wee little moment in the time for which this kiddo will be around.

    As I wrote earlier, I sure do hope there are some lessons learned from this train wreck. Sadly though, I really don't think there will be.

  13. Every time they play that clip on TV, I cringe so bad and have to cover my face with a pillow. I can barely stand to watch it. I've watched it (with a pillow over my face) about 5 times now and I still can't figure out how she made the mental jump to South Africa. And *The* Iraq.

    I'm with darwin's dagger. She shouldn't be judged by her worst moment. I'm sure she's not a rocket scientist, but still.

  14. "I guess the point is that, assuming that she's at least 18, of course, I'd do her"

    Ah, men... see, most women (well, most women I would like to be friends with...) would never do a stupid man just 'cause he is gorgeous. The JohnnyB has just spent a week in South Carolina - no wonder he did not enjoy his vacation... (ain't stereotypes fun?).

  15. Nava! Finally someone has hit on my impetus for this post in the first place!

    I was raised to consciously believe that "doing" someone sexually is Wrong in the sense that it implicitly allows the dismissal of their inherent Value as a human being. On the other hand, I was raised, inadvertently to understand that each person has an equally inherent obligation to look after their own sense of self's importance; to realize that sexuality is only one element of our being, but that it is one which not only exists as a basis of trust and cooperation in a very specific, 1 on 1 relational context, but on its own and for its own joy and sublime stress-reductive and ego-enhancing abilities.

    The mess of that all, while certainly fodder for more than a post or two of a far more personal nature on its own, stands beneath my choosing to use "I'd do her" as the original, punchline in this post. My point had ostensibly been that, regardless of the scholorship aspect of Beauty Pageants, and while it is indeed a Rare occasion where any entry in one should make such an extraordinarily incoherent response, one is just as rarely going to expect to hear any particularly cogent ideas bubbling up from out of the mouths of such "babes". They're only up there, in other words, for their sex appeal.

    "... see, most women (well, most women I would like to be friends with...) would never do a stupid man just 'cause he is gorgeous."

    Personally, I've so far, and so unsuccessfully, found myself inept at strictly sexual relationships; regardless of either the intelligence or the Pageant qualities of my partners. I "joke" that I've hardly ever dated over the past 2 years (2x in that time) because I'm afraid of getting married again. Well, at this point, I think I've almost made enough personal progress to remove those " "s from around the word, joke. I'm really in no hurry to test it though, despite how much I truly, naturally, honest-to-goodnessly want to get laid.

    It's just not worth getting in another doomed relationship for...

    I'm, as I often say, workin' on that.

    Thanks again!


  16. Michael: Wow... we have much in common: With the exception of the one year (immediately upon graduating from KSU) that I spent living in New Orleans (also one of THE MOST HUMID and JUNGLE-LIKE areas of the United States), I also am a NEO lifer. I despise living in a red state where wingnuts like J is for Judas Kenneth Blackwell can come to power, but I do love Ohio in so very many ways, and I am fiercely proud of being a Midwesterner.

  17. I enjoy it immensely, though, honestly, I'd move in a heartbeat for the right gig, True Love, or a whole Lot of money.

    Still, there's not a whole lot that's better than Helloween & trick-or-treatin' on teh North Coast! :-D

  18. Plus, ya got Kucinich.

    I have done stupid men but thats probably because I dont really put people into categories. And, I was shallow.

    I am not the type to see myself as superior and people "unworthy" based on that. A jerk, a mean person, a murderer. yeah.

    I am sure some hguys thought of me as an intellectual step down. Thats life. Who cares.

  19. I hear a great campaign theme-sone in my head for Dennis. It's sung like the commercial for those Chia Pets:

    Coo Coo Kucinich!

    That'd endear him to both the silly classes he's already mostly got, as well as showing more of an ability to take himself lightly.

    He just needs a really sound Economist on his staff - someone like Reich or Jeff Sachs - to lead him, not away from but beyond his somewhat socialist myopia. No U.S. government can work without a Capitalist basis. That's just what our Constitution's emphasis on personal freedoms requires.

    Americans have Got To get over equating Socialist principles with Communism. The elements of the former are concerned with underlying reality of intellectually advance bio-organisms organization, where those of the latter have more to do with the object of this post's derision; Facades which result in the opposite of their main propositions holding sway.

    But, of course, that is a topic for a million more posts...


  20. Michael, I'm not sayin' that doing someone lessens them as human beings. Just could never understand the appeal of looks only, when the inside does not come even close to beautiful.

    But then again, that's me :-)

  21. i got the feeling she was given a list of words that were sure to make her win, if she could find a way to work them in.

    shows the influence bush has had on our youth.

    a perfect example of what conformity is good for. why don't these girls just say what they really think instead of trying to say what they think people want to hear. see she said what she thought the judges wanted to hear but forgot the word order.

    on the today show she said 18, so she is totally doable.

  22. I guess that's one of my bigger problems, Nave; I see something beautiful on the inside of everyone, even such a heinous political criminal as teh $hrub, no matter how whacked they are in general.


    i got the feeling she was given a list of words that were sure to make her win, if she could find a way to work them in.

    The more I watched, the more that I got that same sense, Tonya! You could see her trying to stick to her training, but just not having any idea what kind of answer that kind of question really required.

    18, eh? Hmmm...

    Oh, who am it kiddin'... Like I'd be able to keep it together long enough to "do" anything.



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