Does This Mean I Can Take Vacation Now???

So, like, huh?

Actually, the write-up was OK. It caught many of my essentials, but, as with any of these silly and imprecise things, it has a wee bit o' trouble differentiating between categories when the person taking the quiz bounces readily between them.

The advice on how to be a bit different than my normal self was alright too.

Also, Dr Zaius's "DNA Map" (where I found the quiz) is chock full o' links to websites which ostensibly represent who he be. Mine is - perhaps not unfairly - boring!

C'est la freakin' vie, eh.


  1. Bossy doesn't take personality advice - she peddles it.

  2. Hmm... I am a Free-Wheeling Creator.

    Not quite sure what that means, but these little handles, grids and buckets drove me nuts with all those mouse clicks!

    Interesting, but in some areas, way off base.

    And - I also was advised to pay attention to details.

  3. Everyone wants to be different and that's about the only way everyone is the same.

  4. And a fine peddler ye be, Bossy!

    I was thinkin' the same per the way off base bits, Nava. I wonder though, d'ya think we're missin' the details which'd make its take make more sense?


    Not everyone seems to want to admit it, though, Mary. Thus I shall be scopin' them details more diligently.


  5. My personality is probably bossy bitchen female sheepherder or something like that.

  6. I liked the way you had to empty those buckets. That was fun.


  7. MM, lol! Well, hmmm, that certainly has its Good Points.

    For somebody... {-;

    Me too, BG. Who ever designed those has definitely got some artist in 'em. It was some unusual stuff, to be sure.

  8. Thank you for the link! Mine was "chock full o' links" because it was a joke! I made an image map from a screen capture of the one of the squares, and then added my own links. I have actually never taken the test. My small attempt at humor has backfired! nobody cared about the joke, they all liked the test!

  9. Oh man! errr, Ape! Ahh well. I think your web-sites were to likely. Shoulda gone with more Porn, less near-porn.

    Nice trick though, Doc! Ain't irony grand?

  10. bains
    i did the quiz too and found out that i'm an "advocating idealist"
    Is there any hope for me?


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