You Are 67% Strange!

Based on your score, it seems you do have a healthy dose of strangeness. You aren't THAT far out, but you are somewhat bizarre. Congratulations on being different and having some quirks. It makes you an interesting person!

How Strange Are You?
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i repeat; meh!


with teh hat tipped to el presidente, who, maybe accurately, maybe not, scored even weirder, tho only slightly so, than yours truly.

Abriefbit: i'm a wounded duck for a few, which explains the lack o' caps. Dislocated m' right shoulder whilst diving back 2 2nd base in a softball game, after work yesterday. while doin' stuff lefty is an interestin' change o', teh vicodin is tellin' me to chill my arse out.

on that note, ...



  1. Ooooooooooooooh, I am only 46% strange :-(

    "You are a bit strange, though still more normal than strange. You definitely have some quirks, don't get me wrong. But you aren't exactly freaking out old ladies on the street. It's okay though, you've got a healthy mixture of strangeness and normality."

    How. Very. Disappointing!!!

    Can I take that test again?

  2. we;ll see what the vicodon has to say about "quick", eh Nvisi.

    Kiddin! Thanks. I'm workin' on it (weirdo! {-;)

    Hmmm... Perhaps you'd've been weirder if 'twas in Hebrew, Nava. Naaah... Still, I'd've thought ya at least 50%. What the hey, clear your cookies and give it another go!

  3. I took the test. Forget the percentage, I wasn't very strange either. I wonder what you have to say to increase the "strange" quotient? Admit to purple hair? Anyhoo, MB, be kind to yourself while your shoulder heals up, will you? Listen to your vicodin and feel better.

  4. I am only 52%.
    Get well, you lefty!
    (I am so right-handed, it's ridiculous)

  5. thx wren! i keep trying to take this sling off, but then the shoulder gets to aching again 'n i'm a feared it'll pop back out. !!! screw that, eh. :-}

    coolish, ms. b'berry. i'd've thunk you'd get a higher score than that, tho. ;-p

    lefty is only tricky for me with some things. like brushing m' teeth, and the like. mostly the prob is doing things 1 handed (such as typing) that i don't usually even think of as 2 handed jobs. fun... still, i'll be back in no time, eh! :)))


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