I Keep Forgettin' . .

. . that I too have wings.

Especially when I get to feelin' as such.

Sarah McLachlan's Fallen (Gabriel and Dresden remix)

Thanks to all y'all, my wings.



  1. Hi Michael. First, thank you for your visit to and comment at Politics Plus.

    If I understand you correctly, that tour readers are your wings, that is a deep and wonderful thought indeed.

  2. My pleasure, Tomcat. I've enjoyed your comments on a few different blogs, incld J-Blue's and Zelle Lynn's, and I'm going to add ya on the sidebar to make sure I make it back. If today is any indicator, you're one prolific blogger! Miss a day, miss a lot, indeed!

    It's as you say and really very much appreciated AND enjoyed. My blogospherian friends have definitely been a boon to my depressive's self-concept. Not to mention desire to keep on keepin' on.

    Merci m'lady. I hope that Grand Marnier comes in handy for something much more pleasant that "retirement plan". {-;

  3. Thank you, Michael. I have added you to my blogroll as well. An an average day, I put up between 5 - 10 articles. Thank you.

    I'm pleased I was correct. It shows that you have considerably more wisdom than your avatar. ;-)

  4. I seem to be cosmopolitan, as each time I fill out this quiz, and change an answer based on my mood, it forks to a new set of questions. So far, I've been Mexico, France and South Africa!! I'm trying to see what one need to do to be Israel :-)

  5. Keep takin' it, Nava. Why not?

    And thanks for bein' some o' teh feathers in my wings, eh.


  6. Ooops! My pleasure, & gracci Tomcat.

    Btw, I'm thinkin' of signing up for that Fantasy league of yours. I did my first one last year, and hope to join in it again, but I think I could groove on two. Up my odds of winning one, don't ya know. {-;

  7. Uh Oh, how briliant of me to leave a comment on the worng post... Love this saying by Monsieur Hugo!!!

    And, wow! thanks for seing me as some o' teh feathers in your wings. To that, I can only say a blushing "Eh!".

  8. Sure does.

    And you just did the very same on my own blog! :-)

  9. Yeah, but that was on purp...

    Ahhh, who am I kiddin'... Really?

    lol! I love it!

  10. Ahh, thanks Michael. Things are not doing too well here as my wings are clipped momentarily. Know what I like best about you? Your utter and complete honesty.


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