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The jury's still out on whether dude did quit his current position to prep a run back to the White House for another Rethuglican, as is my current best-guess, or if perhaps, just maybe, he knows something we All need to know about. Might be it's something pertaining to some kind o' Dominoes gettin' ready to fall.

While I certainly hope for the latter, until I see more than a half-assed Democratic effort at either Censure or Impeachment, I'm holding my bets on the former.

We'll be to see.

Hopefully . . .


  1. Hey! Been away and missed ya!

    I am not sure what will happen or if anyone will actually be sternly admonished or hoisted onto the naughty stool...beyond that I'm not hopeful!

    Perhaps somebody will get a stern talking-to.

    He's probably off to show he can elect another moron, its a game you know.

    If only he could put his porkish zeal behind a cure for cancer or climate crisis.

  2. Missed ya too, Lynn. Ya know, you've got one of those absorbing sites where I rarely, despite the allowed & enjoyed levity, feel as if I can get away w/o responding *gasp* intelligently! lol!

    Plus, I'm such a slacker cuz I just read too many danged blogs. {sigh} c'est la vie, eh.

    If only he could put his porkish zeal behind a cure for cancer or climate crisis.

    Climate Crisis? What Climate Crisis is that? (He's) Never heard of it.



  3. rethuglicans unite! i find it hard to believe he's doing this for the sake of his conscience. the wolf in sheeps clothing will come out to play sooner or later.

  4. Oh, yes. I think we can all count on that.



  5. Rethuglican. Oh god. It's too right.

    I consistently want to scream whenever Bush's voice or face come on screen. How does anyone listen to him??

  6. I certainly know what ya mean, VB. At least his Pop, and even Reagan!, made some sense at times. Teh $hrub starts talking and there's no doubt that at least 80% of what he says is unequivocal bull$hit! There simply isn't any logical way to believe, much less confirm, what he says, yet too many freakin' people still think he's not a fascist wanna-be dictator.

    Historically it may be par for a course, but all those courses led to the downfalls of their civilizations. It's truly, bizarrely, frightening.

  7. He's going to be on "Dancing With the Stars." His girly dancing partner is David Gregory.

    Heard Brady Quinn lit it up t'other night. Good for you, biscuit chucker!

  8. Hmmm... DG looks 'bout as simian as my avatar. Much like teh Chimp himself. Niiice!

    WOOF! Yeah, teh BQ did his job at QB pretty well for the 4th Q of a 2nd pre-season practice. If our ostensible starters hadn't been soooooooooo pathetically, implacably, cuttably inept, it'd be no big thing.

    Alas... 6-10 is again my Dawgs' most realistic aspiration. I Do think they'll be picking up a couple of wins in the AFC-North this year, though. One should come 'gainst your boyz from teh Burg. I'm saying the other'll be 'gainst dem Bungles. We'll see.

    Good luck!

  9. I think Red Rover and Dick Cheney should go hunting together. Except this time, give Dick a better gun and more powerful bullet.

    Just a suggestion...

  10. {-;

    Rover's too smart for that. Hell! I bet dude's got the Remote for teh Dick's pacemaker and that that's the only thing which's kept him from gettin' offed already.

  11. Will I sound like an idiot if I say that I like the levity? I mean, I like the well thought out responses and feel so lucky to know folks smarter and more articulate. It helps me a lot.

    Ideally, blogs have some of both. Some silly, some serious. But not so serious that it gives one a headache.

    I hate that.

    Its hard work when its all "economic this, and research that, blah blah".

    Rover needs to go bury his bone.

  12. I am SO lovin' the levity! {-;

    And, his bone along with his career, eh. blech!

    Is a good one, eh Michael. I love getting those daily in my inbox.

  13. I think he's working on plans for the Death Star or something.


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