Champion of Choice: Joycelyn Elders

I've been thinking about volunteering somewhere for years now. Well, I certainly intend to be up for it, since I finally found a good cause with which I'm a good fit.

The woman running Cleveland's NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio office is very cool and extremely busy. So, since her last tech guy has moved on to a great opportunity in another state, I jumped on this chance to help keep the local office running smoothely, computerwise at any rate.

Wish me (and her!) luck. I know I'm capable. I know I'll do the best that I can. I just worry it won't be enough, that I'll drop some ball she really needs to keep in the air. This is too important, so I'm gonna give it my best.

I'm also thinkin' it might be cool to hear Joycelyn Elders speak. Remeber Dr Elders? She was ousted as this country's Surgeon General for saying something which had LONG been needed to be said by a person in her position: that adults need to get over their OWN faux-shame and tragic hang-ups and teach the children for whom they're responsible that good health, mental and physical, includes a rational and non-addictive understanding and appreciation for the act of masturbating. Since everyone does it, we really need to let the folks for whom it's one of the scariest of those adolescent Big Deals know that it's alright. *

Like fast-food and "misbehaving" its simply something you've got to do in moderation, lest you acquire an unhealthy preoccupation and loose out on so many other opportunities to enjoy life and grow up wisely and happy.

If you're in the C-town area 'round October 6th, I hope you'll come on down to the Myers University club to hear a true leader speak about Choices.


* By the way; I am in No Way an official representative of NARAL ProChoice Ohio. My ops are always gonna represent only My Own Views, even where they happen to coincide with those of any organized I'm proppin'.

Alright. Just had to put that out there, eh. {-;


  1. Very, very cool! Some years ago, I did a lot of volunteer work for NARAL and NOW in the DC area. Very worthy organizations.

  2. i agree completely, Kvatch. NARAL especially, has been hugely instrumetal in keepin' some really sadistic anti-choice legislation from becomin law in ohio. AND for helpin' our current not-so-bad Dem governor, Strickland, get elected.

    i really hope i do 'em proud.

    Thanks 2 u 2 BG! Hey now, i think this would be a great event for u, amiga mia. not only do I think you'd love hearin' teh Elders speak, it'd be a kickin' laurel to be able to tell Teh Great Kos that you saw 'er!

    tho i'm sure he'd find out when he gets his monthly updates on your dossier, so u'd not really hafta tell him yourself, eh.


    another truth is; i wanna go, but don't wanna go alone! lol! it'd be great to go with a friend or even a whole gang.

    ?:) ?:) ?:)

  3. I remember Joycelyn Elders! She got a raw deal. I think that's great! Good work.

  4. Thx Doc. Guess all those parents would rather their kids get their kicks in Airport Restrooms w/o tellin' anybody 'bout it.


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