'Snothing Personal

And, to tell the truth, I really do have to quit thinking so much about this or the backlash is gonna feck me up good.

None the less...

Got some tough stuff to get through today, and I need the reminder of what not to do or I won't be able to ride the wave the way that I want.

Besides, I freakin' love the energy, passion, relevance and honesty that is Disturbed. They focus their brutality through music, rather than via physical or emotional destruction, which is, IMO, one of the Primary Purposes of art.



  1. Hope you rode the wave as you wanted, and that the tough stuff is behind you.

    Powerful music indeed!!

  2. Thanks, Nava. I don't know. The wave's behind me, but I ... meh..

    Is a hard lesson for me to learn, letting go.

    Gottanother Disturbing tune I wanna post. Maybe this eve. Is paradoxically more personal but less emotionally taxing.

  3. Hard for many of us, I hear you, Bains.

    Although I dont LITERALLY hear you because I have my sound disabled. Why? Since you asked: because there is one blog I like but the music automatically starts and its really loud and scares the hell out of me.

    I promise to come back and listen to your stuff.

    I like energy and passion in music too but of course that makes me listen to things that are not acceptable for an old thirty something broad- like Korn, old Metallica, Pantera. And nothing says yardwork like SOAD.


  4. SOAD in the yard, eh. I s'pose it'd all depend on ... ahhh forget it.


    I used to have that "auto start" from a post. I figured out how to shut it off though. Mayhaps they actually like it that way.

  5. I think they DO like it that way.

    I think on some level that autostart is rude. I mean, it comes on before you have the chance to decide.

    What if you have a sleeping cat on your back?

    Betcha didnt think of the implications! Just not right to go around scaring folks on the internets.

  6. No cat, but Vulture has made m' noggin' pay for more than a few others' mistakes that way.

    Or so I dream.

    Penance can't absolve yourself... Least not if you plan on doing it again.

    I wonder if we'll ever learn..?


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