War on Christmas {sighhh}

I just watched the local Fox 8 News anchor do a 5 sec spot on the holiday season.

He's sittin' next to a Christmas tree and says something conspiratorially like*, "I know it's not politically correct. Merry Christmas! And I mean it!"

The spot flashed out with a festive Season's Greetings page.

Nice. {shakin'head} No shots across the bow with that one.

I'm just not sure when I actually attacked christmas or xmas or INRI's ostensible birth-day. I could understand the defensiveness if the majority superstition were under Legal attack. But even Newdow's attempts in court have been legitimate concerns of Constitutional importance.

Oh well. Maybe it's just kicks on his part. I gets me own in other ways. Season's Greetings folks!

* I've just seen it once. Not positive about every word of the para-quote, but the gist is good. I'm fairly sure the anchor would agree with what I recall.


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