"Only Man has a Conscience..." ???

Now, I'm not a trained scientist (BA PolSci,) nor does one need to be in order to understand the scientific method. It helps that I know the sequence of that method though. So I am disgusted by people like Bob and Cal who base ignorant arguments upon false premises then declare that science, in its inevitable essence, is little more than a self-righteous philosophy. What's worse is they get published gibbering about it in an internationally (semi-)respected news publication!
Bob (a Liberal): ... the science crowd hasn't come close to explaining why only man among all living things has a conscience, a moral framework and a free will.
What the ---- ? Only homo sapiens has these traits? REALLY? Someone has proven this empirically and repeatably in a manner which anyone could duplicate and confirm? Wow! I missed that entirely. Perhaps Bob (or anyone) could provide a link to the research that's been done or which they've followed or at least know something about.

Now, I'm not saying that squirrels uncharacteristically ganging up on a annoying dog proves non-human animals have conscience or some kind of social moral framework, even though such could help explain it. It's simply that all the research* I have seen suggests biological and physical explanations of all of man's possible actions and decisions, just as they do for every other animal of which humans have empirical knowledge. Humans have evolved as a result of our intellectual capacity being our most prominent feature and this explains the advanced and obviously important nature of morality in our interactions.

Alon Levy just wrote an intelligent, if limited, essay on human morality on UTI. I wonder what Bob & Cal might comment on such. Would they leave anything as profound as Cal's closing remarks in this silly waste of bits and newsprint?
Cal (a conservative): Maybe we can offer (Darwinists) some bananas as an incentive. As they eat them, they can contemplate their heritage.
If anyone has any source material supporting Bob's assertion, I'd sure appreciate a link. All Cal has offered is banana's.

* OBVIOUSLY that's not all of it... {-;


  1. Love this post... I'm going to write about it at my blog. A co-worker the other day made the "we ought to give 'em a bunch of bananas" comment to me. I should have said, "Perhaps we should send them a pack of Tony Roma's ribs instead..." but chose the empty, incredulous stare instead.


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