"Mother" and A New Blog

I've actually got two Hat Tips to Unscrewing the Inscrutable on this pre-Xmas Friday.

The first is to Brent for his sharing of a new blog by one New York University professor, Mitchell Stephens. Without Gods is a blog intended to collect information and dialogue on the phenomenon of godlessness.
Most civilizations have been founded on the belief the universe is commanded by a magisterial Being (or beings), who monitors our lives, enforces our morality, endorses our power structures and offers eternal life. The subject of this blog is a book, eventually to be published by Carroll and Graf, that will tell the story of those who have dared disagree.
I highly encourage all freethinkers to contribute to the writing of this book by reading and commenting on Prof Stephens blog.

And the second hat tip, well, WOW!!! I know I say that alot in reference to Darksyd's Science Fridays, but I honestly do always mean it! Today's story is entitled "The One That Got Away" and it delves into the animals of the Devonian period which escaped the sea by virtue of their cunning and ingenuity. These critters are our forbearers. This is our story, told by a masterful educator of his species.


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