My Dad Needs Stem Cell Research

Last summer his leg started giving out and creakin' bad on him. I didn't see him again until T-givin' and he is using his cane. Christmas he actually looked better. I didn't ask him about it. Family Dynamic. It was a good get together of the family. We mainly talked sports, but 3yo Benny likes to walk around with Dad's cane so it's frequently in view. Dad looks good and healthy (64 in February) when he's chillin' on the couch, talking crap and cool nothings.

Still, I was as miserable as I ever was on Boxing Day. BestBuy gift cards for xmas got me Half-Life 2 GotY Ed. Niiiice...

Anyhow, all I know is this kind of thing (in Pop's leg) is most likely genetically controlled. I don't think it's a bug or cancer. Stem cell therapy will fix it in no time, in some time. More time. No big deal. Things take time.

The current system is just paranoid.

It's what happens when science is outlawed.


  1. It makes me sick when people have to continue to suffer and die because of so-called christian values. There is no fucking separation of church and state in this country.

  2. I agree with bird. And there should be.

    And secondly, Happy New Year!


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