CIA Suspected

The Reuters' article is just a brief blurb.
It really isn't the kind of thing to make an American feel any pride of country though.

Here's hoping it pans out to be nothing. I hate this shit.

What ever happened to Presidential Administrations illegally supporting Right Wing regimes or burglarizing Lefty hotel rooms or presidents having flaming kids or drunk brothers or gettin' a little intern action in the Ooffice and making decisions based upon the last faction with whom they had a conversation?

Why is anyone putting up with these neo-con fascist hegemonists?

How can one of the most spectacularly progressive nations in the history or our species get taken to task by an immature socialist experiment like Italy's government? (No offense intended Italian folk. That government is simply kind of goofy IMO. I'd not suggest it's alone in that respect though.)

Why haven't Dems and a cadre of honest to goodness conservatives Impeached these sociopathic IDists already?!!?

So let me repeat:
Here's hoping it pans out to be nothing. I hate this shit.

All right... Just had to rant that outta my system.

Slurpy Holidays folks...




  2. I know what you mean. Every time they do something even more insane than the last insane thing, I think, "Here comes the outrage."

    And instead, Tom Brokaw cuts to a story about a cat in a tree.

  3. Exactly jj!

    I don't understand how so much of what has been by this Admin which has been throroughly documented (lies 'bout WMD's, al Qaeda financing, Global Warming, Cheney's "not on Halliburton's payroll", etc, etc...) can be ignored by the watchdogs within the United States of America.

    How the hekk can we expect the powerful to come down on the corrupt if the Media can't even see this evil in perspective?


  4. The media don't want to report this stuff because it will adversely affect their bottom line. They need to appease those in power, keep in mind all major media in this country is own by multinational corporations who have daily business with the current administration.


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