now playing...*

I always forget I have these cuts on my hard drive.

Franklin's Tower (dealin' wit' the dead...)
Gin and Juice (dogg...)

Laid baaaack...

I've had a crick in my neck for 6 days running. I'll try anything.

Okay. Pile of Heads - So much Hate doesn't quite get it.

But Floyd does.

Wish you were here ...

If you come across a June 05 Vanity Fair (I needed the cologne sample), pick it up and look at the cover. I won't get married again until she asks me. So I told my friends at work. I don't mind being single.

Baby Come Back by Player does not work right now.

Yikes! I almost bought eminem's compilation. Got Nickleback for ... well, instead {shhhh {-; xmas stuff.}

Leaving on Prong featuring Ray Manzarec Strange Days

Gotta read the VF. (and neck still hurts.)

* an experiment in stream of consciousness.


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