Sheesh! I honestly don't mean to be rude or uninviting.

Thank you Spencer and Carla for signin' onto the Silly Humans Frappr. I went into this one kinda half-heartedly at first, but now I find it's really cool to see names for who's reading without comment. Alan from Meet an Atheist signed onto my MBains frappr which I setup whilst figuring out it's functionality. So thanks to you too bro.

This blog is fun. I might actually move it to a paid-platform. I just need to decide on a format I'd enjoy using enough to pay for it. Blogger's free domain has really been quite sufficient to date. Movable-Type seems like a leading contendre early on though. I'll see...

Thanks again and I encourage anyone else who reads here with any regularity to Frapp on you silly diamonds as well.

Go Browns!


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