Prove It Chaim

Morag settler Chaim Gross said: "A lot of blood was spilled on this holy land. It was presented to Abraham for the Jews and we are not going to leave it."
Prove it Chaim.

If you can't then, no matter how many wonderful things you do or how kind, creative and productive you are or how magnanimously you live your life, you are an immoral human, a thief and a murderer. People will die and suffer greatly for your fantasy "rights".

Silly, deadly, human...


  1. humans begets humans, each after it's own kind.

    hummm "Silly Humans."


  2. At this point, the world needs to step in and figure out some way to simply get Jews and Palestinians to live together... b/c they have no choice short of massive bloodshed. They don't have to like each other, but they do have to live together.

    Maybe Ireland can be a model: sectarian conflict there finally ended when Prots and Catholics sat down and talked and started ignoring the shrill wackjobs on their fringes. (Unfortunately, the shrill ones in Israel are still running the show, so it's a little more difficult.)


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