Inhumane NOT Inhuman

If one is alive and homo sapiens then one cannot be inhuman.

We need to realize that I will not kill means ever: not for any reason. It can be done even if the methods seem impractical right now. It can done that our species accepts this fundamental profession of Human Value completely.

Before Bush left the meeting, he paused in the middle of the room and said to the families, "I will never feel the same level of pain and loss you do. I didn't lose anyone close to me, a member of my family or someone that I love. But I want you to know that I didn't go into this lightly. This was a decision that I struggle with every day."

As he spoke, Ascione could see the grief rising through the president's body. His shoulder slumped and his face turned ashen. He began to cry and his voice choked. He paused, tried to regain his composure and looked around the room. "I am sorry, I'm so sorry," he said.

And he can do something about it. We all can.

More death will follow but bring the fighters - the brave, the fierce, the human - home from the killing. If it is agreed that the killing is unacceptable to one, the other will be isolated. It will end eventually with less killing not more. It will end with fewer culprits not more. It will end when it is empirically obvious, verifiable, incontrovertible who is doing the killing. There will be no doubt.

Then it will begin to end that our species kills other animals; starting with ourselves.

I'd like to see that. President Bush, W, this next breath is your chance. With this heartbeat you decide and you act. The killing stops for you and yours. You have technology to observe empirically so use it. More will die when you stop killing but they will not be by our hands and they will be caught at least as quickly as they have already been... (Where's Osama right now?)


  1. I'd love to hear him say that at his allocution after pleading guilty to treason, mass murder, and various other violations of the Constitution, civil law, and human rights... just before the judge sends him away for life + 100 years.

    Disingenuous, crocodile-tearing bastard.

  2. In the story I suggest "isolation" as consequences.

    I wonder how long W stays virgin backsidally if he's gotta share that cell with Cheney though...

    (Sure that was crass and, well, funny but, the more subtle point is that Dick's daughter inherited her homosexuality from somewhere so maybe Dick is just one of those self-haters like Santorum & that radio jock from TX. It'd sure explain how he's managed to kill hundreds of thousands of homo without backin' off from his insane neocon mission.

    But then again, ambisexuality is probably the norm...)


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