Italian Design

Okay, so now I understand how the Roman Empire was conceived in Italy. The Aliens did it!

Zeus was simply a humanized (Olympicized!) Flying Spaghetti Monster whom we have all lost track of just because It went out (of the solar system) for more bread sticks for a few millenia.

(I started this post yesterday then I got busy and left it in draft. NOW I've seen at least 3 different ref's to it, including the last on the Kos's site! LOL!)

I wonder if He has a salad bar...?



Holy Noodly Appendages! Sparky has just laid out a full course, er, uh, full-fledged plan for Scientific Experimentation to that will conclusively PROVE the, uh, theory of Intelligent Design Creationism! And it's been scrutinized by the Inscrutable Minions themselves so it must be valid!

Wow! I'm like, you know, bowing or genuflexicating or somethin'... Niiiiice...


  1. er... to be clear, I know that Zeus was the Greek name of the Roman poseur Jupiter. Like anyone cares anymore...

    Yahwey - Jehova - Allah... It's all the same. Only the politics changes.


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