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Update #2

Doone's fear of Jane's train is exactly what I'm talking about.


American On Line has posted a scathing and horrifically accurate essay about the inhumane(!) and vile tactics that W's administration uses to combat its detractors. The Swiftboating of Cindy Sheehan is a must read.

Empirical Facts are Enough

This pisses me off about the Left. This is Holywood pure and simply disquising an issue and freakin' MISNAMING these much needed vigils!
Cindy has asked supporters to start candlelight vigils in our communities to remind people of the terrible price of war. So, MoveOn, TrueMajority and Democracy for America have teamed up to organize nationwide "Vigils for Cindy Sheehan" (and for all military and gold star families) on this coming Wednesday, August 17th, starting at 7:30 PM local time.
Is that not Holywood? Vigils for Cindy Sheehan? Cindy is not The Cause here. She is homo standing up for herself. She is wise in that she wants for everyone who despises and decries this war to let it be known. They should speak it with persistance, vigils and peaceful exhortations for the verifiable details of our administrations plans in this region.

And Move.On, True Majority and a group called Democracy for America call for Vigils for Cindy Sheehan. I hope she's disgusted enough to ask them to name these something more relevant and not just with the biggest face appeal. Aren't these guys supposed to exist for the sake of Truth? Woo hoo... Move.On is going to "fight for my cause" no matter what they have to do to make it work. Umm...

Reality* doesn't sell well 'cuz, as long as homo thinks life is just too bad they will have "reasons" to believe that at least distract them enough so it doesn't hurt so personally. Or, going the other way, they will grab at "reasons" ** that make the pain much more personal and thus, somehow, more easily embraced.

Reality is the only drug that works guarentied until death. We have all got to make it better ourselves and we've got to have a personal interest in doing so. Personal Responsibility instead of the ol' Lets do it for "insert cause celebre here".

The Vigils For Those Lost in Iraq or Vigils for Life or whatever they might be called are an excellent and efficacious way to show the Powers that Be what we think of their internationally illegal invasion of a country that had Absolutely Nothing to do with the level of terrorist activity in the world when it began.

But they just simply are not for Cindy Sheehan, and misusing her so is as dishonest as the neocon nutjubs have ever been. Once someone starts down this particular slippery slope it is very freakin' hard to stop the slide into total dishonesty.

Just ask Slick Willy***...

*I mean Reality here, not some semi-pro modern cultural atheletic/endurance "reality shows". I mean, I watch a little but I know its TV Programming with only a scripted - though still challengin' as hekk - fairly loose connection to the Real thing.

** I love those stupid little fear quotes! LOL! Sometimes they're quite appropriate as I think they are here.

*** Bill Clinton is still one of my Top 10 favorite Presidents of the US. Even if he did have questionable taste in women for a man of his celebrity. I firmly believe (and I don't believe much) that he only chose the women he did so as not to give Hillary any reason to feel threatened.


  1. You Silly Human! Maybe you need to die in Iraq but then it would be too late to get the message.

  2. {sigh}

    Apparently you didn't get the point.

    Too bad. That's why these org's use such dishonest, irrelevant advertising for such genuinely necessary and laudable causes: people won't buy into it if it ain't packaged right.

    That is a sign of ignorance and stupidity. You wear it well anonymous.

    C'est la vie...

  3. So much for your ability (that you brag so much about) to stay in the middle. I guess even mister perfect can't do it.

    My Blog Personality's True Color Is...

    It's all about simplicity and nature. The world is bigger than ourselves. That's why in my blog, I try to shrink the importance of my existence in favor of things that really matter.

    Bullshit! And if you think people don't see through it you are full of shit!!

  4. LOL! Again! LOL!

    You just don't read the stuff to which you reply do you?

    My Comment on that "Brown" thingy:

    Hhhmmm... doesn't quite fit.

    Maybe I'll take the quiz again and get a "reality" I like better.

    Silly, silly human... {sigh}

  5. It is obvious too anyone but you maybe that your posting of the "Brown" thingy, no matter what you said, is what you want people to think or you would not have posted it. It does not take a fool to read between the lines. Again, Silly Silly Silly!

  6. It is obvious too (sic) anyone... that your posting of the "Brown" thingy is what you want people to think or you would not have posted it.

    Or maybe I like the idea of what it says and wanna remind myself to keep inchin' that way in my personal/bloggish comportment. But, while I certain don't try to shrink my own importance, I do make daily attempts to shrink the importance of my addictions! It ain't freakin' easy thats for sure. Onward though!

    BTW anonymous, have you attended a vigil yet?


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