Follow Up: Civilizations

I am probably misinterpreting this, but please don't tell me you're suggesting we try to unite Islam?

There is no question whether this deserves a followup. Thank you Seth for not just shruggin' it off as too ridiculous or, er, just plain silly to comment.

I don't think it's very rational either.
I also think its what a majority of the terrorists (and a plethora of Wing Nuts on both sides of the pond) think they want.

I quit smoking 2 days ago. It makes my thinking erratic; kinda like if I were hooked on a religious trip and was somehow being denied it, so I'm sure the post didn't come out exactly how I would have liked. Still, I'm interested in folks opinion on its conclusion as drawn yesterday.

What I know clearly is that I remember being amazed at the concept of a Caliphate when Orson Scott Card (Ender's Saga) proposed it in a work of fiction and I wondered at how cool I imagined it would be if Homo was that simple that we could just split into our various Civilizational political & economic ecosystems with only marginal interaction & minimal interdependence. This idea correlates well with Sam Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations essay and the concept is intriguing to me.

But I've since learned a lot about the lack of actual concurrence within the Islamic cultures as to how It's supposedto work. {sigh} There are Persians, Turks, Arabs and now Indonesians, all trying to formulate a coherent structure of Societal rules based upon an outstanding group of Iron Age desert homo sap's supernatural inferences. Don't get me wrong (as I sometimes ridicule the superstitious mercilessly,) the amount of cognitive ability necessary to formulate these religious concepts is proof - incontrovertible proof - that our species is intelligent! It's the fact that so many of us hang on to old news even after it has been updated* that causes our most intractable problems.

Using the Scientific Method to figure out our inter-societal issues will result in a lot of hypotheses that are just as idiotic as any IDiot's god phantasy. The difference is application, testing and peer review (that is empirically NOT Profit [or prophet!] Driven!!!) always, inevitably, demonstrably move us closer to reality.

Religion attempts a kind of stasis but is ineffective causing societies to become corrupt as they desperately try to avoid evolving.

Silly Deadly Humans.

* I've been smokin' since 1981 ('65 if you count my parent's combined 3 to 7 packs a day 'til they both quit in '80.) I know way too personally how hard letting go of deadly woobies can be.


  1. Okay, I feel slightly better.

    Ender's Game (and Shadow) is a damn good series.

  2. LOL! {ahem...} Yah. Like I feel a whole lot better about any of this...

    I read the Shadow series 'bout 2 years ago. Excellent!

    If you wanna read some whacked out reactionary semi-humanism check out Card's site though. Dude has got problems when it comes to rational directions for the future of our species. But the writing is still high quality! {sigh}


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