19th Carnival of the Godless

Non-Holy Moley!!!

I did'nae forget it but I'm on vaction a thousand miles from home usin' AOL Dial-Up for internet access so I just ummm... er, well, forgot. ;-}

Awesome as Always is this version of the Carnival of the Godless and, while I'm late in postin', I cannae neglect to exhort y'all to check it out! The Title Image itself is worth the cost of internet access!

The Evangelical Atheist, always a good read, is this week's host and the Word he be spreadin' are well worth the risks of spendin' too much of your work day blogavanting 'round the blogosphere.

And, hey hi and howdy! I be next in the Hostin' Honors. Please send your deity-didn't-do-it's to brentrasmussen@gmail.com using the subject: "COTG Submission" if'n you want a particular post(s) to be included this coming Sunday. I've already got a few personal pick to post upon but am Always looking for more good godless essays.

And in the meantime, enjoy the evangelism! (WOW!!! That's somethin' I never thought I'd say! LOL!)


  1. "If you run a godless blog and if you would like to host the Carnival Of The Godless, send your hosting request to..."

    Does this mean they accept Buddhist hosts?

    Just trying to sow those seeds of harmony, but I have a somewhat ironic hoe. Also my "hos" and "ho-hos" are often ironic.

  2. LOL! Go ahead an' er, shall we say, submit Paul! You might be surprised by next week's Carnival.

    There might even be a little sympathy for the Devil! (well, St Mark anyhow. But when one holds the Bible in as low esteem as I do, what's the difference?)

    Slan ja vah! (?!?!?!)


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