Partially Right: Take Our Time Leaving: It Won't Matter to the Region

Christopher Hitchens is only partially right, but it's an extremely important part.
Some have perhaps been drawn to "Camp Casey" out of reverence for life. Their demand, however, is an immediate coalition withdrawal from Iraq. Have they seriously asked themselves how humane the consequences of that would be?
Bush could end the killing in Iraq right now. It would be the end of American service personnel dying there only though. There is no doubt that this invasion was uncalled for as retaliation for 9-11. Those who say otherwise have yet to prove their point because every excuse regarding alleged Iraqi involvement with al Qaeda has been dismissed empirically and objectively.

To leave now, and especially from the catalyst of a woman of less than exemplary understand of the logistics of war, would create a vacuum to be filled by... hhhmmm... sectarian sociopaths? While it does seem that such an end is in sight regardless of how much longer the US maintains a military presence, it is still the responsibility of this nation to do as much more as we can to ensure such sectarianism - or whatever the Iraqis choose - comes about as bloodlessly as possible.

I don't think leaving right now would cause more deaths in the long term. I think it would hasten the civil war which seems to be brewing despite, or because of, W's "best intentions." None the less, US withdrawal, something which is not even being officially contemplated at this time, will probably enrich a new religious state in the Middle East. Cindy Sheehan's dimly understood disdain for Israel's own culpability in this war may indeed give her reason to hope for a more prolonged disengagement. Not that I think her words were racist or that anti-zionism is any more immoral than anti-Conservatism or anti-irrationalism. I do wonder why Slate and others describe them as such. Regardless of whether Sheehan wrote the email herself, the idea that Religious Motivations abound in this war is accurate and, most importantly, are the main reason for the terrorism and the insanity of invading Iraq!

While it isn't necessarily inevitable, I look at the environment and actors in Iraq right now and fully expect that the best solution to the whole issue of sectarianism in the region is for the United Nations to put forth a sickening but pragmatic olive branch: a legitimate Caliphate which is Constitutionally exclusive of Israel.

I wonder how long that would last and how many refugees - and imigrants - it would produce.

Obviously there is more to come...


  1. I am probably misinterpreting this, but please don't tell me you're suggesting we try to unite Islam?


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