I Was Never A We-Blow

As a matter of fact, I think I was in the Cub Scouts for less than 3 months.

Whatever. This is funny!


  1. i gotta say that i think that's funny, too, as well as timely.

    thank you for stopping by. i believe i had just finished reading hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy when i put that in the profile. i think i had visions of vogons digesting in my head......teresa.

  2. Love the cartoon. It's funny but my son and I were out doing our weekly errands on Saturday and we saw a great gaggle of boy scouts and we ended up having basically this same conversation. I know my family thinks I'm warped because I don't want my son to be a Boy Scout and I wouldn't be too thrilled if he got turned on to Christianity, either. I know it's the opposite of what all the people around me (here in the bible belt!) think it takes to raise a good kid. Maybe I'm blind or just overly partial but I think my non-Boy Scout, possibly athiest/agnostic teenager is cool and it turning out just right, in my opinion.

  3. Just letting you know that ConservativeDemocratNews is back online after a summer absence. We look forward to visits from our old readers.


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