Well waddayaknow! There's a NOTHER new "theory" in town that seeks to explain the existence of Homo, the birds & the bees, and hekk, everyt'ing else for that matter!

It's called Design by Unintelligent Hand: DUH.

I'm all for teaching DUH
in America's schools!

Spread the joy of ignorance and irritation! Subscribe to DUH today! Or at least click on the link to this always amusin' and often quite informative Technical Writer's Quest for Love in a World Gone Mad.

Many thanks to Bora and his Science and Politics blog: highly recommended and not just for the post which follows his DUH announcement. As bora says
"I want this fish on my car!" Me too amigo! LOL!


  1. Actually, the existence of George W. Bush as president of the United States decisively refutes intelligent design. It even suggests the possibility of de-evolution. Next president may be a used department store dummy or some even more randomly selected primate.

  2. Michael, just wanted to tell you that you're blog has been on my "read the updates" list for awhile now. I'll hook up some linky goodness for you, maybe my crappy blog can direct some traffic your way.

    Got to go now, the Prez needs his Magical Elven Helmet of Superflous Sophistry + 73 back. (Yes, I have been an avid gamer/geek for many years now...)

  3. When did what goes on in a classroom become a concern of the President of the United States? What ever happened to Federalism? Oh, I forgot, once a Republican gets in power that whole "get the government off the people's backs" thing doesn't mean anything.

    On a much more serious note, it looks like the Browns have some quality running backs in camp. You mnay be a happy man soon.

  4. Thanks man... for not getting sappy. I just had a moment...thats all.


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