Psychic Challenge


Well, I'm still in "I'm so sick of people spreading lies and BS because other people will believe anything"
mode, so I'll encourage you to check out a Challenge to Psychics just issued by the 2% Company.

I happen to know a few people who believe this garbage. They really do! I guess they've just no comprehension of statistics or they figure they might be the one to hit on the way that proves such non-sense practical. I don't know for sure but I am sure that they're not just Evil Effers intent only on the scam. The scam is just part of it. If they can "ease someone's pain" along the way then it appears worth it. Plus, they really, really, Really do think their bunk is Real!


Hopefully another weekend just layin' about will help me chill already.


  1. The only thing worse is when your genuinely well-meaning aunt believes in psychics and forms of alternative medicine practiced by psychics. And you have a rare medical disorder.

    So I sent a Polaroid of myself to a guy in Western Canada, where my aunt lives, who performed various rituals over it and directed energy waves all the way out here to me. Only cost a couple hundred bucks.

    Darn the luck, it didn't work. They patiently explained to me that this was because I must have been blocking the energy field by not thinking it would work.

    However, after sending the 200 bucks - no, I'm not insane, but Aunt Jeannette had been after me for THREE YEARS with, "What do you have to lose?" Not to be indelicate, I didn't say, "Two hundred bucks." Notice Aunt J didn't offer to pay...

    Anyway, after sending the 200 bucks I forgot all about it, because it took them like 10 weeks or so before they got around to doing the ritual - the bill showed the dates. So by the time they sent me the energy, I can't see as I was blocking anything. I'd assumed it was already over and done with, and literally wasn't giving the matter a thought.

    So I was open, really to the point of "suspension of disbelief," wasn't I - I mean, not even thinking about it?

    This has been my only foray into the domain of the psychic.

  2. Darn the luck, it didn't work.

    You're kiddin' me!!! LOL!

    Sorry to hear it Paul! Hopefully, at the very least, your aunt feels better for your effort... Are you sure though? No placebo effect even???


  3. You know I am not one for believing in everything I see and hear... sometimes I am so tired I swear there is a young woman in my house sitting at my desk when I get up to use the restroom... but either way real or not, the one thing I do believe in is KARMA... What goes around comes around, which most of the time is bad for me because I cannot seem to get rid of my pessimistic attitude about society today... So my words to you are ... don't be a fatalist, believe in you and you cannot be steered into a direction that you do not want to go. It only takes one to be a leader. And this may mean nothing to you, but it takes more than just the average to get my interests peaked and you have. Nice going.

    soft love,


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