Canada: Truly the Land of the Free!

In landmark legislation, a truly evolutionary step in human cultural evolution has taken place across the northern border of the Home of the Brave. Canadian’s have legalized a fundamental human right: Marriage.

No longer will it be illegal for two people of the same sex to enjoy the same rights and privileges of the legal institution marriage that opposite-sex couples have always been assured. While the US electorate devolves into paranoid and reactionary fear of “the other” (ironic that…) our neighbors up north have taken a stand on firm moral grounds that “all men are created equal.” Regardless of popularity. Regardless of heredity. Regardless of creed. This is an excellent example of a Democratic Republic operating at its most fair and efficient.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, a Roman Catholic by creed, said it best.

We are a nation of minorities… And in a nation of minorities, it is important that you don't cherry-pick rights.
Rights, though indeed granted by people to people, are not exclusively for those with whom we agree nor, in theory, are they contingent upon any amount of power or popularity one segment of society may enjoy. The are assurance to ALL equals that the Law will protect their freedom and their natural heritage.

Of course the Catholic Church sees rights as “God given” and thus only to be determined by itself; the true voice of God’s will on Earth. According to the AP story Charles McVety, spokesperson for one of Canada’s most notorious hate groups, Defend Marriage Canada and the president of Canada Christian College, characterizes this legislation as an

"onerous breach of trust and the deconstruction of so much that is dear to our hearts."

Flanked by clergymen, McVety vowed his group would work to vote out lawmakers who supported the legislation in the next general elections.

"This is the beginning of the formal fight against the redefinition of marriage," McVety said. "We will, in the next election, be able to correct this incredible democratic deficit before us today."

Until Mr. McVety can show evidence that homosexuality is some sort of contagious disease, which is a dire threat to the health of ourselves and our children, he is going to have to continue abstaining from such activity as his most honest form of legal protest.

Abstinence is all that’s necessary after all, right Mr. DeVety?


  1. Thank you so much for quoting me, Michael.

    A couple of my other famous quotes are:

    "We are a nation of Canadians," and

    "Let my cattle go."

    Paul Martin
    Prime Minister of Canada

  2. I'll let dem doggies go when I'm good-n-ready dey done gived me milk!

    Sincerely, GW Bush.

  3. Hello Michael,

    Gay marriages and homosexuality are both topics I like to stay away from. But then when you do not take a stand you cannot be heard, but when you do take a stand you can be shot! I have no opinion here, except that I have a daughter that has claimed her bi-sexuality. I try to be supportive of her, whether or not I like her choices or her friends. We talk about her feelings about this and once again all I can do is have my daughters back. Do I wish she would not have chosen this life style? That would be a bolded YES! Her life will be full of difficult things and people with this choice. But it is her choice and between her and her higher power. I know that it says in the bible that a man should not lay own with another man or something like that, but in the back of my head I hear, "If we all came from Adam and Eve, then are we not all of an incestuous relationship”? Because of my childhood I will not address that issue, at least not here but it does make you think.

    Soft love,

  4. Michael
    I love your blog and intend on putting a link on my own. Thanks

    I don't want to debate you on this because everyone has their own opinion but just this. "Choice" is not really a good word and I know a lot of people who agree with me on this not that it matters.
    Tonya (another T)

  5. are we not all of an incestuous relationship
    Not only is 'T' basing an argument on an impossible premise (Adam and Eve giving rise to the world's population), but she is comparing homosexuality to incest. What a fool.

    As for your post, Michael, it's good. I can see some scripting though, it might just be me, but you might need to change something.

  6. Her life will be full of difficult things and people with this choice.

    T, the primary reason that might be true is the fact that some people can't accept her as she is, often because they interpret the bible literally (or, rather, narrow sections of it) and/or because they deny such traits in themselves. Personally, I think most people are to some degree bisexual, even though many of us never act on it.

  7. Well STEVEN, if you read what I wrote correctly you would see that I did not say I compared the bible to an incestious relationship, I said I hear the words if we all came from adam and eve, isn't doesnt that mean we are of an incestious relationship. What I meant and perhaps didn't say as well as I should is, "That I have heard this notion talked about". Perhaps your interpretation is not what I was thinking nor what you chose to make it. But thanks for the comment... name calling is quite mature.

    soft love,

  8. One more thought Steven. I didn't compare homosexuality to incest, perhaps you should read once more what I wrote.

    Thanks again

  9. Well TEA, I don't know if your first reply got somehow garbled, but it comes across as pure gibberish. As for your second attempt, where you claim that you didn't compare homosexuality to incest, I see no other way of interpreting what you originally said. You seemed to be trying to justify homosexuality by saying are we not all of an incestuous relationship”? as if the two were somehow similar.

  10. No, I am not trying to justify anything. I was merely trying to point something out. But you still aren't getting it. Why do you take such offense to homesexuality?
    Okay let's back up, I was taking an exceprt out of the bible, not word for word mind you, and trying to say that what my daughter chose is not what I would want for her or choose, but that some would say that if we are came from Adam and Eve, are we then not from an incentuous relationship. By no means was I implying that these were one in the same. I do apologize if I left that impression but being so offensive is not called for either. If you want you and although I am pretty sure you won't. you can email me at, maybe we could understand each other bit better?

    Soft love,

  11. "but she is comparing homosexuality to incest. What a
    fool."'Well TEA, I don't know if your first reply got somehow garbled, but it comes across as pure gibberish."
    STEVENSON, intelligent people don't NAME CALL, AND INSULT other people when expressing their point of view.
    T I had no problem understanding the comparisons contained within your post.
    Yo comprehende Mi hermana =)
    More importantly, your ability to forgive and extend your hand to the one who bit it, is a lesson to all of us
    Mike, though the self appointed semantics expert STEVENSON, suggests "scripting" I find your writing to be filled with interesting content and opinion.
    In conclusion , as the great playwright William Shake-a- spear once said, "Mean People Suck!"

  12. Hi, again, T,

    I'd agree that the bible could be interpreted that way, especially since it later states that Cain had to go find a wife after killing Abel, and if Adam & Eve were indeed the first people, the only woman available must've been Eve. (Obviously, the concept is nonsense; the story is allegory depicting the mythical origins of what later became the Hebrew culture, NOT all of humanity.)

    Personally, I'd find it hard to "have no opinion" if my daughter were openly bisexual. To me, supporting her would mean standing up publicly for her rights to equal treatment under the law, including marriage & the various other legal protections those of us in "straight" relationships get without thinking about them.

    I don't have children, but am pro- gay marriage simply because I believe that promoting equal, loving relationships between consenting partners of any kind helps promote broader social cooperation and responsibility for other people's well-being. We need more strong relationships in this era of confusion, divorce, and barely concealed hostility toward those of differing opinions.

  13. Marybeth,

    Thank you for coming to my defense and I am glad that you understood what I was trying to say. Perhaps his interpretation was just different, no matter the case a good debate never hurt anyone .. right? ::smiles:::

    I must add though, I like the reference of shake-a-spear once... a little sarcasm never hurt either..

    Soft love,

  14. Jay,

    Nice to see another post from you!
    I am not sure it is that I do not have an opinion, rather I prefer for her to come to me. It is funny that you should mention about being pro-gay, supporting gay marriages. Because she and I were talking about how Canada passed their law legalizing marriage; just as this blog is explaining and of course she was thrilled.

    To step back a bit, her father is a devout catholic, to even consider his daughter as anything but heterosexual would be upsetting to say the least. However, I choose to be as supportive to her as I can. If ultimately she was to choose a woman to be with, I would not put the relationship down; after all she is my daughter.
    I suppose there comes a time when we all do what we think is best. What is best for my daughter is that I let her take me by the hand, sharing what she wants with me when she is ready. I will note that she and I have talked often about sexuality, the pain it can cause no matter your sexual orientation and as long as she is being safe and knows she can come to me, I will be satisfied with that for now.

    Soft love,

  15. Marybeth, 'scripting' is a word. Please look it up. A dictionary is a good place to start.

    T, I am not the one who appears to take offence to homosexuality. You brought up the 'incest' subject, when we were discussing gay marriage. I don't see how it is relevant, and I can't see a way to interpret your first comment other than 'the Bible says homosexuality's bad, but it also says we all arise from incest, so if incest is okay, homosexuality must be okay too.'

    I have heard homosexuality compared to incest before, as well as paedophilia and bestiality. Only homophobes and bigots make this comparison. If you meant something else, please make it clearer.

  16. Gnarly y'all! LOL!

    Apologies for not enterin' the fray sooner but my silly silly family went to NY city Thursday morn' and just got back last night. 8 hours driving there & 11 hours driving back! Oimoi! LOL!

    It worked out though because your comments inspired me to write a whole new post. Thank you all.

  17. Michael,

    You are a silly man.... smiles


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