Hey! Look what I found!

I just stumbled 'crost The 10th Skeptics' Circle at Skeptico's site. These things rock as hard as my fav'rite Carnivals of the Godless.

Highly rec'd so enjoy (and be careful. You might just learn somethin'!)


  1. As far as I can tell, once in a while somebody dredges up some version of a "proof" of God's existence from the Middle Ages - which were all disproved way long ago. In the Middle Ages or maybe right after, during the Enlightenment. None of them add up logically.

    It's crazy. If belief in God were simply logical, all logical people would believe in God. Or if there were empirical demonstrations, scientists around the world would be embracing the theory of God.

    Instead, you've got theology. I hate theology - well, aside from Paul Tillich and maybe a couple others, in their more experience-based books, like The Courage To Be, which were pretty good.

    Of course I was force fed theology in divinity school, so that might have done it right there. But worse, my impression is that most theologians never examine their most basic premises, then go on to write 600 page volumes explaining nothing.

    Maybe I'm being too harsh. But isn't theology the only "ology" that doesn't really know if the thing it's studying exists?

    I also don't see the relation to faith. I mean, isn't faith different than "something so intellectually compelling you just gotta believe it?" Where's the "faith" in that? And what exactly is it faith in? Some supposedly logically demonstrable monosyllable? What do you do with that?

  2. Maybe I'm being too harsh. But isn't theology the only "ology" that doesn't really know if the thing it's studying exists?

    {sigh} That's why's I loves ya man!

    I generally think I have no "faith" and I am quite proud of the lack. But when I'm able to be totally honest with myself (it happens more than I used to think was possible!), I know that I do occasionally suspend, not disbelief, but at least skepticism for the sake of keepin' my attitude positive. I'm thinkin' that such is indeed a kind of faith. I think I'll get beyond that as well eventually. But for now, because of who I am from whence I come, I'm kinda glad that ability wasn't totally poisoned by my RC upbringin'. It's a crutch I still need: if a little more often than I like.

    Practice Practice Practice! LOL! Thank you Paul!

  3. BTW, if I would have simply read Unscrewing the Inscrutable today, as I usually do, I'd have seen the Skeptic's Circl link and hit it from there. {sigh} Too much damn work at work keeps throwing me off my routine lately...

    Well this way I actually got active and posted 'bout it as well.


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