Bolton's Gotta Wait - Strike Two

President Bush really has no clue. "I think it's time for the Senate to give him an up-or-down vote. Now," he said at a Monday afternoon news conference. Ummm... This Senate is doing an excellent job showing just what they think about that.

Once again John Bolton's nomination vote has been denied by the Senate. The sharp tempered anti-internationalist Bolton is seen by a few too many Republicans as being simply too harsh and irrational a representative of US interests in the United Nations assembly. Bush, as usual, refuses to acknowledge any critique of his position or choices and, also as usual, refuses to provide a full disclosure of information which is relevant to the nominee's qualifications for the job of Ambassador.

As could be expected, minority leader Harry Reid made a less-than-emphatic attempt to ask for reason from the Oval Office. "The president will have to make a decision whether he wants to send this flawed candidate to the UN."

I think we all know what decision the Chimperor will make. When the Senate goes on their July 4th recess, we can expect to see Bolton installed pre-emptively by the Pres. It is his right to do so. He will prove himself a fool when he does. Here's a tasty and utterly irreverent cartoon o' the day that captures his essence quite well.

I can't wait to see how much "easier" Condi's job as Li'l Miss Conciliator (not going all that well to begin with) will get with a reactionary like Bolton getting in the faces of the world's ambassadorial mouthpieces.

{sigh} Here's to hopin' W's right for a change... Who knows, maybe ...


  1. Bush be right? Umm okay. Remember we talked about karma… well Bush is getting a nice beginners taste of it right now. He thinks no one is noticing that he has all but lost the faith from those that thought he would do so well. Unfortunately those people re-elected him and now are kicking themselves in their backsides and quite possibly asking, "What the hell was I thinking"? I have to laugh. I didn't like Clinton that much but I could smell Bush's odor far before the elections.
    As for Miss. Condi...if I were president I would find her placement an embarrassment, but wait, that's right... Bush wanted her as well. I know it is sad to have such distaste for my own president but I as it is, I feel like every time I hear Bush speak, I lose I.Q. points

  2. Wow... Bolton... someone who stands out in the Bush administration as irrational!

    Do you remember Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians? Am I the only one who gets a similar vibe from C. Rice?


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