Welcome to the Apocalypse!

Since I've been assured that June 18th is the day of the Rapture**, I may not get my chance to host the 20th installment of the Carnival of the Godless© on August 7th, so I thought I'd throw a practice (ha!) run out here before the world, uh, ends...


Actually, in the midst of blog-surfing*, I came across Science Boy's site and found this coolish linkage. Then, while copy/paste'n back and forth I found this to a slew of Botany links. And this featuring a science link-fest from the Tangled Bank.

Since I'm much more of a politically oriented blogger, I thought all of these science links would make a nice addition. I wouldn't post most of what I do without hard-evidence, and adding some of the sites linked to here gives me even more source-material!

Thanks for the inspiration and materiel SB!

* Todays path included Euro-xenophobia gettin' plunked by Silt in Where's My Car?.

There was an informative interview by The Talking Dog with Joshua Dratel, the attorney for aussie terror detainee, David Hicks. The Jose Padilla story ain't the only one of interest vis-a-vie the Pat Act!

Thanks to a digest from the Yahoo group, Free-for-All I had to engage in a little scrutiny of the US Constitution in order to get clarity on some problems with the Patriot Act that the group is discussing.

And, last but not least because it hit home on recent troubles with my own communication style, is DarkSyd's letter to Michael Crichton regarding the latter's dismissive critique of the idea of scientific consensus. Reading Crichton's entire essay makes the remarks to which DarkSyd replied a little more comprehensible. Still, and as ~DS~ points out, science is indeed without practical applicability until consensus is discovered. Hhhmmm... you really need to read DarkSyd.

** The linked site says nothing about June 18th but I can't find the link to the commenter on Yahoo's Atheist General message board who has repeatedly said he thinks this is the day. D'ya think I believe 'im??? ;-}



  1. Wow, I guess no one I know was worthy!


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