How to Respond to Attacks on Your Patriotism

Outstanding! "Wow" was my first comment when I finished reading DarkSyd's response to a "Real American" who had determined that ~DS~ is a flaming Liberal.

Please, just get a cup o' joe or can o' coke or whatnot or whatever and settle in. It's long but well worth it for the coverage of and enumeration of points of clarification as to BushCo's despicable behavior since September 11th.

Oh yah! Happy Father's Dall to all y'all dudes!


  1. Happy Father's Day!

  2. P.S.
    what is "BRENT"S first name?

  3. MB please post to Dark Sid, as i dont know his first name. Thanks so much!

    Reasons your rebuttal may not get through to the "Right Wing"

    1. Facts are not part of their consideration in forming an opinion.

    2. You used several vernacular adjectives in several of your paragraphs, Don't you know people of their moral fortitude , neither use, nor tolerate such language???
    3. You were honest and open about your personal history. RW's prefer privacy, delusion and lies, when sharing or not sharing their private lives with the public.
    4. The length of your response far exceeded the average intellectual capacity of any RW'r
    5. You explored your oppositions reasoning. This is a completely foreign Behavior to a RW'r and similar to opening a book written in Hebrew, which would immediately be shut by a RW'r, the ability to attempt interpretation, does not exist thus, the reading of the material does not occur.
    Finally, you ended your argument with pointing out this is a "free country", an absolute truth; however, for a RW'r it is free exclusively for them and birds of like feathers the only birds with whom they will flock together.

  4. Hi Marybeth,

    There's no big secret. Over at UTI we have two co-bloggers. Me, the owner of the blog, who's name is Brent Rasmussen, and DarkSyde, my co-blogger.

    DarkSyde wrote the post that Michael is referring to. The form field in the comments that asks for my first name (which is "Brent", BTW, heh,) is there to fool software robots that post spam comments.

    You're not a software robot, are you? :)

    Thanks for the comment. If you'd like to post it at UTI, you are more than welcome to. We accept all comments (except those from spam robots) and never, ever edit or delete them. There's no "club" to belong to, and no secret passwords. "Brent's first name" is "Brent". It is as simple as that.

    Thank you,

    -Brent Rasmussen

  5. I used to be a Software Robot.

    Then I lost my religion and my life has ever so slowly started to become real.

    (What's that dear? NO I'm not takin' them! I ain't never gonna take them damn meds again!)

    Now back to your irregularly scheduled blog. ;-}


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