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I've not been feeling very Creative recently.
Emotional distress is a great nuisance which, while I've learned how to manage it A LOT more effectively in recent years**, still manages to take me out of "my game" so to speak. I think tomorrow (tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow...) I may be able to launch something original and meaningful for myself. I've had tons of ideas building up in "draft" mode but I've not felt able or motivated (sigh) to nurture them to Blog Level. For me, this is almost always caused by financial concerns. I'll figure it out.

This, hhhmmm, call to intellectual and civilized arms, as shared by Nanovirus, is what I am able to add to today's electronic canvas. It is powerful and astute and oh so very relevant. As witht he Gaian post earlier, it is not precisely as I would say it. It reverberates nicely within me though.

Please, um, enjoy and realize, if you don't share this skeptics disdain for Beliefs, what I endure by virtue of my acceptance that being homo sapiens - that is Human - is better than believing I'm some kind of creepy, supernatural god-thing's prodigal spawn.

And if you've got another minute, The Retropolitan has taken advantage of awesome new features on Brent Rasmussen's new and improved Unscrewing the Inscrutable (and don't forget DarkSyd!) to share a hideously relevant allegorical tale of the Reason of Religion.

** Thanks to my releasing of the final shreds of desperate hope that some Sky Fairy - God-thing was gonna grant me success for which I'd done nothing more than pray. Extremely and iredeemably irresponsible is that tact. I've found that actually doing something about my problems is much more effective.


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