Sometimes I don't post to another blog simply because everyone else seems to be doing it! {rollin'eyes} That's just my ol' Rebel not lettin' go of dissin' anything that is popular. This morning, I keep him in check.

Atheist Exposed is a beautiful new blog by a long-time prison guard in Houston TX. She rocks! LOL!

All the reg'lars are there commentin' too (they linked to her blog so many times that I had to go check 'er out. I'm glad I finally did.

She's just a normal person and she write's like she has a great love of people and her life and humanity and and and... LOL!

I just liked it.


Oh yah! I was googlin' The God Gene to support a reply I was posting and think the results that came back is worth sharing. Lots a groovin' controversy thar!

Happy (LOL!) Tuesday!


  1. Crap, when did I become a reg'lar? Was I an irreg'lar before that?

    I like to think I still am, honestly...

  2. LOL I was wondering the same thing! :)

    I still like to think I'm a tad on the warped side myself!

  3. LOL!

    Look at it this way dude y dudette: Y'all (we actually) sure as hell ain't Decaf!


  4. sure as hell...

    Doh! Er, metaphorically speakin' o'course!

  5. Howdy,

    My wife (sheabirdno1.blogspot.com ) sent me an e-mail about this blog. She's right. Its very good. You have a good outlook on things, and can keep a smile going. Very nice..

  6. I like the Atheist Exposed blog for the same reasons. Happy birthday, whenever that was - noticed you went from 38 to 39...


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