Santa Clause - VS - The Easter Bunny

And though its been said, many times, many ways...

I was just getting my daily fill of the 2 Percent Company when a reader's comment blew me away for its sums-it-all-up-nicely-ness.

The 2 Percenters' post is about the silliness of religious groups' decrying J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe. Grendel (the Skeptomaniac) commented that he(?) perused many altie and Wicca sites and found the whole debate laughable.
The God Squad and the Witches squabble on, sounding very much like people who believe in Santa Claus making fun of people who believe in the Easter Bunny, all the while exercising less common sense than the kids they pretend concern for.
and I just about fell outta my chair laughing! How obvious but so perfectly stated that statement is.

As I've commented elsewhere, I've not read any one of the Potter books but I thoroughly enjoyed one release of the Video game I've played with a friend's son. The first movie I found enthralling (really!) and the second flick I kinda enjoyed on cable but haven't really ever been able to sit through the whole thing at once yet. Regardless... Peter Tosh's Glass Houses keeps going through my head as I read about all the religious folk who just can't tolerate the Magic of Ms. Rowling's creation.

Sheeesh! At least she has NEVER claimed any of it was True!


  1. My ex converted to United Pentocostal Church after we split and he asked me not to let our son have the Harry Potter books as they came out. I didn't agree with him but out of respect as co-parent, I did as he asked. Then I found out that the next weekend when our son was at his house, he was allowed to watch a rated R move (at age 11!). My son now has all of the Harry Potter Books. He loves them and I think it's great that he's READING!

    You've got a really cool blog.


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