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I've never heard of Technologies of the Frontier (Tecnologie di Frontiera) but I received this from another of my favorite post-ers on Atheists-World. They seem to be Gaian's which, of course, is not a belief I share, though I do enjoy its imagery. The site's mission statement, or STATUTO DI COSTITUZIONE DEL VETTORE , is in French(?), which I cannot read so its hard for me to say what their core beliefs might be. I simply can't find anything to argue against in this short essay's content and frankly find that it quite nicely matches my own position in a general way.

There aren't any detailed response plans laid out. It is the attitude which it connontes and promotes that I share whole-heartedly and would truly like to see displayed more prominently in American (Western) culture.

Even if the goddess Mother Earth won't spank our back-sides if we fail to be obedient to her (less than obvious) instructions. Uh... actually she's quite severe at times, even if she IS just a beautiful metaphor!





TDF expresses its pain and solidarity with the victims of the London terrorist attacks of July 7th, to their relatives, loved ones and friends.

Our discouragement is total, in front of those who express a total contempt and carelessness for human life, and who, in their fanaticism, don't hesitate to extinguish or seriously injure hundreds of lives, each of whom had dreams, projects, talents, hopes, and feelings.

In the name of their religious fanaticism, these people don't heed the most ancient commandment, common to many religions, which says "thou shalt not kill".

Our discouragement is great, but it doesn't paralyse us.

After many attacks including those in New York, Madrid, Turkey, Bali and now London, for all those who believe in a future of free and pacific development, it is all the more urgent to aim high, to use our technologies, to concretely demonstrate another way, to get energy and a greater world, for all Earthlings.

In the face of the risk of a spiral of terror and death, and of the tragic inability, shown thus far by the Governments of West , to escape the narrow logic of the use of violence against violence, we believe that our duty, as earthling citizens, is to give our contribution, pointing out some concrete alternatives.

In order to see the alternatives, we need to unmask some current misplaced beliefs:


that human science and technology have grown too prominent, while ethics have have lagged behind;


that we are ruining our planet due to moral weakness;


that we should make an endless war against Terrorism;


that we would have no alternative but to compete for scarce remaining oil resources.

All the above claims are false. Things are very different:


Our population has reached almost 6.5 billion (our greatest wealth!) in a closed system, and our science and technologies are the only tools that we can use for opening the system, and to obtain a greater world for all Earthlings.


Earth is not sick: she's pregnant with a Baby Solar Civilization! The proximity of the birth will provoke social disturbances, climatic and environmental derangements and perhaps even seaquakes and other catastrophes, but if we are able to keep aiming high and to regulate the process, we will be awarded by a joyful event!


To answer war with war is only one of the options available to us, and not the best one. Our western Aristotelian (dualistic) philosophy forces us to act with a very narrow range of behaviours: to do what our "enemy" wants or else the exact opposite. Indeed, terrorism is not an open war, it is even more deceitful and cowardly than a conventional war, and it is not possible to defeat it by military means. Furthermore, the use of the military strength provokes endless retaliations, and we cannot hope to be able to indefinitely hold the whole planet under closed military control (even if this was a beautiful perspective, - which it isn't!).


We have other options, instead: to use our highest science and technologies, to start using space solar power, space resources, and to open up the worl. Let's relaunch global economic development, giving birth to a true space economy. Let's promote life, and not death. Let's give birth to marvelous things, able to surprise the world positively.


Terrorists won't have the means to follow us on such a path, and their young followers will begin to follow us, rather than religious fanaticism.

We believe that this message should reach the greatest possible numbers of people, therefore we ask you to publish this and diffuse it as far as possible.

Aim high!

The editorial staff of Technologies of the Frontier

English version revised by: Michael Martin-Smith and Ben Croxford

[013.ES.TDF.2005 - 12.07.2005]


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