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MC Orac has provided quite an entertaining venue for this edition of the Skeptic's Circle; a feast of skeptical blogging and scientific refutation of IDiots, Astrologer's and Pseudo-scientists across the globe.

If you love to read mysteries (especially) and enjoy any story well told, then I'm sure you will appreciate the wonderful and personable dialogue linking to wholesome and nourishing Skeptical Inquiry.

The Inscrutable One held the reigns for the last Circle which I managed to catch and his capacity to entertain whilst elucidatin' is certainly matched by the Respectfully Insolent One!

As rec'd as I can rec it!


  1. I looked at Orac's site, but still have a question: He notes there's a tendency to avoid politics, but is there still space for entries that expose the absurdity of governmental & contradictions of govt policies that aren't specifically political?

    I ask b/c I'm now pulling together a scathing response to the recent DOE report on the future of nuclear weapons & feel it needs to go somewhere else but just my blog.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Check out the new UTI. They're setup to allow Blog Creation and user accounts and have a fairly broad spectrum of readers.

    You know its weird Jay... With all the blogs I read, TCChronicles is the only one with a regular focus on EOWorld IDiocy and almost nowhere else have I read about non-proliferation... Possibly the Huffington Post or Norbizness (Happy Furry Puppy Story Time!) may be good.

    I'll email you if I think of somewhere that might be more effective.


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