Just in Time for Tax Return Time!

Woo Hoo! I get to issue one of those WARNING! warnings to Warn you that the following video should not be played at work or in front of young children (unless you swear vivaciously around them anyhow.)


... We want people to be screaming in unison from houses across the county, "Work! Work, you cock-sucking piece of shit!! What is wrong with you?!"

And with all those Tax Return dollars just waiting to travel across the globe, this is a gagdet whose time is come.

Umm... Alrighty then.

Who knew The Onion was so in tuned to the pulse of American consumers, or that they produced such hi-quality video spoofs? Nice! It works better on a website than it would as a TV sketch, too.


  1. Ha ha. Luckily I got off the "next big thing" train a while ago. For those who didn't, this could strike a little too close to home, eh?

  2. Yes indeed. Heheh.. For me it's that music software from a couple of years ago. Man, Larry, I guess I'm still being intimidated by it. I've never even loaded on the laptop I bought over a year and half ago, now.

    And, ask a friend for help? Are you kidding me? :D err...

    Maybe I'll try this weekend. Better get my chops workin' again, though, first.


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